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AIPAC in Portland June 3

AIPAC in Portland
AIPAC , the Israel-first organization that is under investigation for espionage against the United States is coming to Portland. No doubt Wyden will be there with his hand out like a hungry street waif ..AIPAC has been very good to Wyden who is consistently in the top ten list of AIPAC bribe money recipients. AIPAC members are very mobilized and organized when it comes to spreading hatred and cheering for war (our kids doing the fighting, of course, not Israeli kids !) I would suggest that any American politician who attends AIPAC meetings or accepts money from any foreign lobby should be immediately removed from present and all future public offices and charged with treason.  link to www.jewishportland.org

Study your history... it helps when you know what you are talking about. 02.Jul.2007 07:26

An American who served in the Israel DEFENSE Forces.

The person who wrote the initial article MAY know about Wyden, I can not say. What I can tell you is, American brave Marines and soldiers are not losing there lives protecting Israel. Israeli soldiers are losing there lives protecting the very ground their houses, families, farms, businesses and all they have in this world. So any intelligent person who has studied the politics of the Middle-East knows, Israel has financial assistance as the only true democracy in the region from the U.S., but Americans are not losing their lives protecting or fighting for Israel.