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Cheney's Criminal State of Wyoming

There are places within the United States which already resembled today's secret prisons and death squad operations back since 1980, but unless you were victimized by these states and counties you might not even know such horrors existed. The following article is an absolute fact and is not conspiracy theory and is documented. The public safety commissioner who murdered his officer got off scott free under the perpetrator-con U.S. Government we live under.
Right now under red list emergency procedures, I believe you, as a law abiding upstanding citizen can be murdered by law enforcement under current regulations, depending on what profile you fit.


Sometime around 1980 a criminal informant named Michael Rosa was murdered in a cop car by the high ranking public safety commissioner, Ed Cantrell, in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Cantrell, sitting in the front seat of the police car, turned around and shot Michael Rosa who was sitting in the back seat in the head point blank with a .38 special police type revolver in cold blood! Rosa's hand was still draped around his wine glass, his gun still snapped securely in it's holster, untouched. Cantrell was later cleared in a court in Pinedale, Wyoming after murdering the guy who was said to be a cooperative of law enforcement.
Rosa, the victim, left behind a widow, and I think kids, too. He had apparently been called out to the squad car over needing his social security number or other and was murdered right before the police officer-driver's eyes by Cantrell who sat in the passenger front seat.
"Throw your gun over here !" ordered Cantrell to the other surviving cop who witnessed this murder. Cantrell's frenzied paranoia took over from here on until the crime scene could be stabilized and some control restored to the situation.
There is no law and order in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, and I have learned of many other incidents around about the whole state, including,but not limited to Cheyenne, Wyoming, also. One cop said the law enforcement officers threw him down on a sidewalk in Rock Springs, Wy. and stuck a gun to his head demanding he cooperate more!
Although I'm not pro-gay, I don't believe in tying people to a fence and killing them either, the way one fellow accused of being gay was done in Wyoming.
I receive reports from around the country on unjust, illegal court and law enforcement procedure, and Wyoming and Rock Springs-Green River areas of Wyoming rate at the top of the illegal law list! Some reports list people jailed in Sweetwater on false charges, usurious high bonds set, attempts to illicit felony pleas from defendants who haven't even had counsel or any counsel present in court, threats to murder defendants by Green River Jailers right in the jail cells under National Security Emergency laws, assignment of incompetant law clerks as public defenders, refusals to allow plea withdrawals after defendants are promised they can withdraw a plea within ten days, writing false-phoney police reports against the defendant with blatant lies, the list goes on. Even the ACLU once said it is among the worst places in the U.S. to get one's rights.
Truly, with such rags as the "Rocket Miner" RAG newspaper in Sweetwater County helping the non law-disorder there is no law in such a place where the highest officials murder their own people.
When I spoke to a tax consultant lady in Utah, she said don't go to Wyoming, that she preferred to keep some concrete under her feet! This meant she'd rather remain in Utah where some law and order existed.
Cheney is a perfect example of what Wyoming, the criminal state, represents, and is unfortunately ruling in the U.S. Federal Government right now, and you should IMPEACH THE BASTARDS RIGHT NOW!!
Maybe when the super volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park erupts it will cover this God Forsaken place and it can be rebuilt anew one century, or perhaps it will be like Sodom and Gomorrah, which became what is known as the Dead Sea where NOTHING LIVES THERE.

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Amended details of article-corrections 23.Jul.2009 16:05

Joe Martin

1) The time period of this incident was on or about 1978, not 1980 as originally written.
2) Michael Rosa was Patrolman Michael Rosa, not just a criminal informant if he was doing C.I. work.
3) Link on Rosa:  http://www.odmp.org/officer/11505-patrolman-michael-angel-rosa
4) Ed Cantrell was city director,in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Sweetwater County, Wyoming