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Portland Premiere: "HAITI: We Must Kill the Bandits"

Join independent journalist/filmmaker Kevin Pina in the Portland Premiere of his newest film.
"HAITI: We Must Kill the Bandits" challenges the contemporary view of Haiti, revealing the 
hidden role of the 'international community' in Haitian politics. This provocative 
and lively film takes the viewer into parts of Haiti where few Western journalists 
dare to tread, and includes shocking footage of unreported human rights abuses, 
some which have been astonishingly conducted by UN forces.

Two screenings:

Wednesday, May 23, 7:00pm
@Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy
directions: www.liberty-hall.org

Thursday, May 24th, 7:00pm
@The Clinton Street Theatre
2522 SE Clinton Street

More info and view a trailer at  http://haitiinformationproject.net
Pina's film stands out because it connects the tragic events in Haiti with what he assesses as 
foreign intervention designed to deter democracy. Learn the side of the Haiti 
coverage not seen in the corporate news media. 

Kevin Pina is a journalist and filmmaker who lived and worked in Haiti for seven years before and after the overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the installation of a U.S.-backed government. Pina reported extensively from Haiti on FLASHPOINTS, a radio program heard daily on KPFA, the flagship station of the Pacifica Network. He is also an Associate Editor of the Black Commentator online magazine and the Founding Editor of the Haiti Information Project (HIP), an alternative news agency operating in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Pina was beaten by an off-duty SWAT officer of the Haitian National Police on June 4, 2005 for his actions during a demonstration on May 18 where he and several Haitian journalists blocked police from firing on unarmed protestors. He was arrested on Sept. 9, 2005 and held in a Haitian jail for three days after covering the attempt of a corrupt judge to plant weapons in the church of prisoner of conscience Father Gerard Jean-Juste.

Pina's film credits include "El Salvador: In the Name of Democracy" (1985),"Berkeley in the Sixties" (1990), "Amazonia: Voices from the Rainforest" (1990),"Haiti: Harvest of Hope" (1997) and "Haiti: We must kill the BANDITS" (2007). Pina is completing the final documentary in his trilogy on Haiti, "HAITI: THE Betrayal of DEMOCRACY."

More info and view film trailer at  http://haitiinformationproject.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.haitiinformationproject.net

Thanks for this Information 21.May.2007 16:23

Joe Anybody

Thanks for letting us all know about Kevins film and his work in Haiti

I liked this paragraph from the bottom of the website you provided, which is a quote from Kevin;

""I try to focus on empowering people with the skills to critically analyze the commercial media and to act as watchdogs in the interests of international human rights and our own communities. I also work to draw the linkages and explain why we should care about other countries and how our government represents us abroad. I share skills and information that can be applied beyond Haiti. I also relate my experiences as an independent journalist and filmmaker living in Haiti the past seven years and a political analysis of the forces at play in Haitian history and society.""

-Kevin Pina