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Tuolumne Meadows May 19th 2007

I miss the naturalist rangers who would scream at Tourists at Tioga Pass, get off of the meadows, do not walk on the meadows! Stay on the right path!
You can not believe my rage.
Maybe if we had walked together
And spent time on our hands and knees
Smelling lupin flowers in bloom,
Maybe if we had identified
Pennyroyal in the wild
And made stinky nose faces next
To the wild onion growing on the Tuolumne river
I could forgive you
Maybe if we had sat for awhile careful not to lean
Against the Jeffrey pines because even if the sap smells like vanilla
It is hard to get off your clothes,
However it is aromatherapy at its best in the forest shade
Maybe if we had this
Then I could forgive
Your stupid ass driving up to Tuolumne Meadows
In one of its earliest openings
And before the lake had melted into water,
Before the grass had turned green,
Before the young had been raised,
Before the fish had spawned
Before the meadows were protected
Taking your huge dirty filthy SUV
And parking it by this sacred river
The river that gives its waters to us
Here in the city
The river that quenches millions of humans,
Dipping your cloth into this rivers
And washing the grill of your SUV into
The river,
Washing your pollutants
Washing your greed,
Washing dangerous chemicals
Into our sacred National Park River
Which protects the watershed
Of our California State.
I miss Ferdinand Costello,
I miss Carl Sharmsmith,
Who will protect my meadows now?

Great Poem! 21.May.2007 11:30


Thanks for this lovely poem in defense of the Meadows. You bring back memories for me -- Ferdinand was a great greeter of all comers. He was indeed a "Lion"! (Carl's name was Sharsmith.) Such an early opening due to an amazingly dry winter. Thanks again, Sierra Sherpa!