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A sign of interest in Silverton, Or.
Jesus and the money changers in the temple...

Changes in Church 20.May.2007 23:35

Nona Bow

A friend and I got kicked out of St. Paul's Cathedral in London because we raised a fuss because there was a Currency Exchange (real life money changers) booth next to the gift shop. How sad that it takes atheists to defend the sanctity of the church.

it's an abbreviation in this case though, for the talk 21.May.2007 07:10


In this case it's just a humorous sign to get peoples attention I think. The letters of A T M are actually from the title of the talk, Look at it.

Interesting about St. Paul's in London though! That's another picture I want to see!

funny 21.May.2007 08:12

good reader

Relax people. ATM = Atonement-Truth-Mercy.