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God Ordained Puppet King

The mistake.
God Ordained Puppet King

Everyone knows that your position
Is one of a puppet
We know that you are symbolic
Mostly around for what
We used to believe
Something about your DNA
Ordaining you for a sacred rule
Over common ordinary
People like me.

It was fascinating the crap that came out of your ancestor's mouth
Trust us when we say
That common ordinary people never believed
Your hemoglobic asses
Trust me
If it hadn't been for the ongoing torture and oppression
Of common ordinary people like me
As you pranced around in your DNA enriched diapers
You all couldn't have kept
Saying that your were chosen by God for ultimate puppetry
Over the lesser classes.
We were educated as to your ways:
The royal wiping of your diahrea.
The problems breathing through your nose as you speak
The whistle in the back of your larynx
And the weird twang
You hit in the high notes.
When I say we I mean Royally ME.
And when I say you
I mean all of your ancestors too.
Dude, you are the puppet King.

You joined the military which
Was more bowler hat Alex
Becomes a millionaire in Clock Work Orange
Than really doing it
Because you have no other financial options.
Your attempt at personal militarization
Was the attempt of a swindler in diaper rags
Trying to take over a southern plantation.
Awkward to everyone,
Including yourself.

Bush sashayed all around as
He dismantled American government offices
Through secret surveillance operations that were highly illegal.
He never prosecuted privatized military operations
Who dressed the poor
Of Iraq in diaper bags
And eltrocuted them to death
In stag films of abu ghraib
That fittingly showed them tortured
As the god who chose
Your DNA to rule the poorer classes.

Entranced by this and many other new actions
You decided your Civic Duty
O puppet
Was to join the legions of young with out your
Symbolic blood
and to spill blood together!

Out CRY! Out Cry!
The rich shall not endanger the lives of the poor
By serving in the killing fields together.
Oh sacred puppet!
Oh sacred DNA!
Ruler from the highest of heavens gates,
How could you not realize your mistake?