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Mothers Day Vigil "Surge Brigade Protection Pissed Off Grannies" & "Code Pink" video

Pissed Off Grannies & Code Pink and Friends
"Mother Day Silent Vigil"
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Here is the google video link to the video I filmed:

On Mothers Day This Silent Vigil lasted around an hour and a half
I recored 24 minutes
Peaceful, powerful, visible, and a strong message

More info here on the national vigil from previous indy post:

More on the Pissed Off Grannies can be found here on my website:

The Mother's Day Proclamation can be read here just as you hear in this video:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Thanks~ 17.May.2007 08:00

Granny T surgeprotection@riseup.net

Thanks Joe Anybody -- always great to have you at our events and making these great documentaries.