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A Murder of Crows #2- Out Now!

A Murder of Crows- For Social War and the Subversion of Daily Life

Issue #2 is out now!
A Murder of Crows #2- For Social War and the Subversion of Daily Life

The newest issue of A Murder of Crows has been released and is available for order. On our webpage you can see a picture of our full-color, glossy cover and read two of our featured articles "Repression as State Strategy" and "This is What Recuperation Looks Like." Single issues are $3 ppd, which can be sent cash or in blank money orders.

Table of Contents for Issue #2:
-Statement of Intent
-The Convenience of Not Thinking: On Ideological Boxes
-Setting Hell on Fire: Solidarity and Destruction in Bangladesh
-Repression as State Strategy
-Repression and its Discontents
-This is What Recuperation Looks Like: The Rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO
-The Harvest of Dead Elephants: The False Opposition of Animal Liberation
-The Six Nations Land Reclamation
-The Arms of Exploitation: On Development and Technology
-Fortress Everywhere: Technology and Control at the Border
-Stop that Train: A Short Introduction to the TAV
-Impressions from the Struggle Against the TAV
-Action Reports

For more info:

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/amurderofcrows1

AMOC out now and on the shelves at the Blackrose Collective... 18.May.2007 06:30

Volunteer Blackrosecollective@riseup.net

Come in and pick up a copy of, A Murder Of Crows # 2,drop off some books in our "Books to Prisoner's" drop box, have a cup of organic coffee, sort through the freebox, or just come in and talk to your neighbors...

"The Blackrose Collective Bookstore & Community Resource Center is looking for volunteers! We are located at 4038 N Mississippi, and we seek to provide the education and tools to recognize and respond to all forms of oppression. We are beginning our third year as a collectively owned and volunteer run space. Our space includes a community free porch, a lending library,video & DVD rental, and a bookstore selling new and used literature and music. We are working to increase our community outreach by tabling at events and hosting reading and discussion groups. We have free tea and organic coffee provided by Cafe mam, as well as free internet provided by freegeek. We are open tuesday through sunday from noon to 8pm. Right now we are looking for more volunteers to start working store shifts. Aspiring volunteers require eight hours of informal training with volunteers while they are on a shift, which can be broken up into four two hour shifts,2 opening,2 closing. Collective Volunteers will take a shared responsibility in helping organize the free cycle area's,cover weekly store shifts, sell books and music, table at events, and follow through with ideas you have . Volunteers do not need to make a specific time commitment and will not be expected to consistantly work the same shift every week, you can change your shift as needed and as your sceduele changes. for more information, please stop in during store hours or

Blackrose Collective Bookstore & Community Resource Center
Is a community owned business based on the principles of cooperation not competition.Serving the cultural and economic diversity of our neighborhood.Blackrose seeks to provide the education & tools for people to recognize and respond to all forms of oppression.

4038 N.Mississippi Ave,Portland,OR 97227

OPEN: Tuesday thru Sunday Noon till 8pm


Email: Blackrosecollective@riseup.net

Best community porch-Willamette Week 2004

In the midst of trendy restaurants, galleries and coffee shops in NoPo's Mississippi district lies the Mississippi Avenue Co-op (4034 N Mississippi Ave.), a collective dedicated to sustainable living and keeping the community real. The house has been run as a communal space for the past six years; Portland Collective Housing bought it in August 2003. One of the collective's many contributions to the neighborhood is the Free Porch. While it is frequented by homeless individuals, anyone can rummage through free clothes, produce and household items. House members have maintained their commitment to the porch even after neighborly complaints to police about the mess. Freebies are now kept tidy in donated containers.

4038 N.Mississippi Ave,Portland,OR 97227