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Contaminated pork to be sold, just like that melamine chicken

The FDA anounced this week that 60,000 plus hogs who were fed the recalled, melamine-tainted pet fod are "safe" and can be sold for slaughter and sale. This comes on the heels of the release of those contaminated chickens that we covered last week.
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War of the Trees-Pork-amine
War of the Trees-Pork-amine
War of the trees on WSQT uerrilla Radio presents "Pork-amine"

The FDA says th suspect pork is safe-but that's what they said in the 1970's about the Swine flu vaccine!

They say if you don't like hormones, pesticides, GMO's-and melamine you can buy organic. Guess what-most people cannot afford organic.

Several members of the House of representatives are trying to eat on $21 a week-all you get from food stamps. Guess what the first thing they noticed was-that they cannot affod organic. The food they must buy on this budget is narly as bad as eating from the TOILET!

If members of Congress prefer organic, what does that say about the crap the rest of us get to eat?

Do you trust the mainstream press? All those articles saying this shit is safe come from publications like the Washington Post that live on corporate advertising(including grocery ads).

Do you trust the FDA? I for one do not trust them, and I advise anyone who eats pork or chicken to stop eating these two meats until the contaminated products have all been sold in a few months. I guess the FDA's answer to contaminated pet food is that YOU are going to eat it

Pork or Chicken with a side order of melamine9an maybe kidney stones)? No thanks!

I don't feel sorry for people who eat 16.May.2007 21:09


factory farmed meat. I feel sorry for the animals who live lives of birth to death misery. It's cheaper to eat veg - people don't need to buy tortured animal flesh to live.


If this gets self-centered humans to consider not eating animals - not because they care about the animals, of course, but because they care about their own sorry, greedy selves - then so be it. I'm sure giving up slaves was hard for white people too.

It's Melmac! Melamine is Melmac (formica too) 17.May.2007 00:52

Remember Melmac?

Melmac was the plastic kind of dinner plates popular 30 or 40 years ago. It did not break, it was cheap, great if you had kids.

Something is wrong here. If the stuff is safe to eat off of, what is the problem? Or is the stuff safe to eat off of? Maybe it's been a steady diet of melamine and cyanuric acid that has this country so screwed up..

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