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The Great Fellator: Kevin Rudd

The Australian opposition leader Kevin Rudd is proving to be more servile, passive and accommodating than even the current Australian prime minister, John Howard - many would have thought it impossible to top Howard's effort but Rudd has proven them all wrong! Rudd, desperate to please all will eventually please none if he persists with his supremely passive, non-assertive and thoroughly despicable behaviour. It's simply not fitting for an aspiring Australian leader to unashamedly kowtow to the wishes of China over the relatively benign visit of the exiled theocratic leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama.
Rudd confirmed he would not meet with the exiled Tibetan leader during his visit to Australia; all Australians should now be aware that Rudd has even less character than the despicable, spineless lackey he hopes to replace.

Rudd's servility and lack of character is highlighted by the fact that he levelled criticism at Foreign Minister Downer, for kowtowing to China and avoiding the Dalai Lama during a previous visit. Rudd has revealed the ease with which he is willing to bow under the slightest pressure from foreigners, his status as hypocrite, coward and untrustworthy is now confirmed, the local expression is, "weak as goanna piss".

Rudd is proving to be a major disappointment to everyone except the real powers that rule Australia; it should be noted that the undesirable characteristics Rudd now unashamedly displays are considered perfectly suitable by Corporate and Transnational interests, which have become accustomed to dictating policy to conservative Australian 'leaders'. However, voting power remains with the masses, the Murdoch press and other mass media outlets may be required to be less subtle in their support of Rudd, if indeed they hope to place him in office.

The whole affair proves interesting from a number of perspectives. China is extremely sensitive to any issues that relate to its violent annexation of the Himalayan theocracy and its continued attempts to eradicate Tibetan culture. The tenaciously independent people of the tiny Himalayan theocracy continue to have a disproportionate influence on China. China's interests would be well served by allowing the tiny nation full cultural and social autonomy. Tibet is China's glaring example of militaristic expansionism, cultural imposition and genocide. In view of the invasion of Tibet, China could hardly criticise the military expansionism of the USA in the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. If China released its annexed territories it would create extreme difficulties for the USA in its bid for world domination. This also applies to China's recent encroachments in northern Kashmir (Lhadak) and other Himalayan Kingdoms/regions.

From a Tibetan cultural (Buddhist) perspective an ancient prophecy (10th century) describes the Tibetan people being scattered to the four corners of the world following a hostile invasion! The survival of Tibet is now dependent on Tibetans resident outside Tibet, including of course the Dalai Lama. Tibet traditionally practiced highly insular foreign policies - no 'foreigners' allowed! It should be noted that notions of 'foreigner' are anathema to Buddhist philosophy as all dualities (including the 'other') must be reconciled prior to dissolution in the Buddhist void (Nirvana). The Law of Karma is the kinetic principle upon which Buddhist philosophy rests. The dispersion of Tibetan people as a result of the Chinese invasion has effectively transformed Tibetans into foreigners in order for them to learn that notions of the other (foreigner) are 'foreign' [semiotic humour] to Buddhism! 'Little brother', the Dalai Lama, would be well served to consider the implications of the above.

As for 'independent' Australia it is not worth pissing on - the supreme coward John Howard, with approval from the cowardly majority, has transformed a sovereign nation into a convenience store. The cringing leader is nothing if not a reflection of the cringing cowardly population. The recent servile behaviour of the opposition leader, Kevin Rudd, proves without doubt that the nation is beyond redemption. Spineless cowards have forfeited a once proud heritage to the crudest nation on the planet.

The ceding of Australia to the USA is complete; the Oz population now has two ideological conservatives vying for office - democracy has been reduced to a farce and the elections to a charade. Australia, "where the hell are you", has become the laughing stock of the world?

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