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Help Save Oregon's Cougar

Oregon Cougar Action Team is holding a Valley wide Cougar Campaign, seeking Volunteers to help save Oregon's Cougar. Requirement: Passion for the Cougar, compassion for life.
COUGARS ARE EXTINCT IN 36 STATES OF THE UNION. DON'T LET OREGON BECOME THE 37TH STATE!! ACT NOW! Be a Voice for Oregon's Cougars. The need is urgent: Cougars are being more threatened by proposed legislation designed to create more hunting for fun, at the same time research continues to prove that we NEED Cougars to keep our beautiful Oregon ecosystem healthy. Oregon Cougar Action Team is offering free training workshops with Lynn Sadler, National Director for the 17-year-old non-profit Mountain Lion Foundation (1-800-319-7621). Oregon Cougar Action Team is hosting the Oregon Cougar Campaign which evolves not only information about learning to live fear free with Cougars, but the training of volunteers who will help save Oregon's Cougars. She will be offering free to the public presentations about Cougars and training for volunteers. Lynn will deliver topics on how to stay safe, live with and protect not only Cougars, but also your family, pets and livestock. Don't miss this opportunity to be a voice for Oregon's Cougars! Attend training and information workshops at the following locations:

May 22, 2007, at 6:30 pm, at the Central Oregon Environmental Center
16 NW Kansas, Bend, Oregon.

May 23, 2007, at 3 PM, in Eugene at the Survival Center, 1228 University of Oregon, 13th and University, Suite One, Eugene, Oregon.

May 23, 2007, at 7 PM, in Corvallis at First Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Rd, Corvallis, Oregon.

May 24, 2007, at 7 PM, in Portland at the First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson, Portland Oregon.

Ms. Sadler will also be visiting several schools throughout the Valley.

About Lynn Sadler:

Lynn Sadler, President and CEO of the Mountain Lion Foundation, a national non-profit working in 14 states to ensure self-sustaining populations of Puma concolor across its natural range, will be in numerous Oregon cities the fourth week in May to help activists better conserve cougars. Ms. Sadler ran the successful campaign in California to ban the trophy hunting of mountain lions and set aside $30 million per year for 30 years to protect habitat. That campaign organization helped organize and fund Measure 18 and a similar measure in Washington. She is currently doing special projects with National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Game Commission on behalf of the Federally endangered Florida Panther. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors of numerous conservation organizations and is a sought-after keynote speaker and advisor

About Oregon Cougar Action Team:

Oregon Cougar Action Team was established to provide an educational foundation for Oregonians to learn how to co-exist fear free with the legendary and often misunderstood Cougar. Currently, Cougars are extinct in 36 States and 30,000 have been killed for fun (Sport) throughout the North West in just a few short years. Here in Oregon, we voted twice to protect the Cougar but hunting Cougar is now in record numbers. Hence, Oregon Cougar Action Team is striving to be the Cougars voice. Others and myself are helping Oregonians to understand the Cougar's nature and to learn what to do if you see a Cougar, how to stay safe, protect yourself, your pets and livestock as well as the Cougar. Research work at Oregon State University recently discovered that this misunderstood Cat is essential to the health of our Natural Resources and biodiversity that would be lost forever if this species became extinct or near extinct in Oregon. Oregon Cougar Action Team has fascinating details to help you learn more about this elusive Cat. I am confident the public will enjoy our CEO, Lynn Sadler's nonprofit free to public presentation about Oregon's Cougar. Learn the Truth About Cougars, stay safe and save Oregon's Cougars! Oregon Cougar Action Team welcomes new members and members who would like to be trained to give OR-Cat presentations! You may contact 1-800-319-7621, or 503-743-2318 for more information or visit our affiliated Mountain Lion web site at: www.mountainlion.org

Jayne Miller
OR-Cat Voluntary Director, 503-743-2318