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Help Needed ...

Can anyone recommend a good attorney in Oregon to take on a small town police department?
This isn't exactly news, but ...

Twelve years ago I was a victim of identity theft by someone trying to pass a stolen check.

I have no criminal record and have never been arrested. Despite this, as the person who used my identity is a convicted felon, I have been subject to constant harassment at the hands of local police for over a decade to the point of having once been taken from my vehicle at gunpoint and being nearly strip-searched by over a dozen police. In the meantime, the convicted felon now has another warrant for his arrest and local police now regard me as "Code 5", meaning that I am likely to be armed and am considered a threat to police.

During the last year and a half I have been stopped by the police a total of 13 times, yet have never been cited or even issued any sort of warning for so much as a traffic violation.

But apparently, I am as bad as Al Capone - all this because someone could not do his job properly.

I have made numerous attempts to try to get them to rectify this situation and have tried to be as civil and polite as possible. I am simply told to "get a lawyer".

The sadder fact is, this is just business as usual with our local police. Harassment and Excessive Force are part of their day to day activity. In the meantime, they are begging local citizens for more money and actively engage in a campaign of emotional terrorism, fear and outright lies to get it.

At this stage, I am VERY angry. Though I know that SOMEWHERE out there, there are probably (maybe?) a few decent cops out there, I cannot help but to feel a profound sense of unfettered HATE every time I see a cop. There is also a sense of fear that one day in the near future, one of these trigger happy boys in blue is going to go off half-cocked and wind up shooting or injuring myself or someone in my family. Currently, my wife lives in a constant state of fear and stress and we cannot so much as travel outside the house after dark without a thought that maybe we shouldn't venture outside after sundown anymore. Despite the fact that we are only going about our day to day life and have no criminal records what so ever, we feel as if we are putting our lives on the line everday. Let's not even mention the numerous violations of my basic civil rights.

But - I have had ENOUGH and I am simply NOT going to continue to take this sort of abuse.

Can anyone out there recommend a good attorney in PDX, Salem or Eugene who is unafraid of putting the screws on a small town police force? Preferably someone who is pro-bono, as I don't have much money. I live in SW Oregon but need someone from up north as I am certain that I am not going to get anywhere locally.

If you can help, please just respond.

hmm 15.May.2007 20:22


sounds like something greg kafoury would be interested in.

don't know his contact info. i'd assume typing his name in google would produce something.

sorry for your predicament.

how does it feel to live in a kafka novel?

seriously, write a story about it, i bet some magazine or small press would publish it.

good luck.