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Ding-Dong the Bigots gone!

The arch-bigot Falwell is dead
I find it hard to believe this hatefull person even had a heart
The world is a head shorter today, and we are all a lot better off for it.
Come all you good workers
Good news to you I tell
Of how this old bigot
Has gone to hell to dwell

LYNCHBURG, Va. - The Rev. Jerry Falwell collapsed at his campus office and died Tuesday after a career in which the evangelist used the power of television to transform the religious right into a mighty force in American politics. He was 73.
The founder of the Moral Majority was discovered without a pulse at Liberty University and pronounced dead at a hospital an hour later. Dr. Carl Moore, Falwell's physician, said he had a heart condition and presumably died of a heart rhythm abnormality.


wake up you sleepy head, the bigot's dead 15.May.2007 20:41

theresa mitchell

Speaking as a transgender woman, it is indeed pleasant to think that Mister Falwell is no longer among us; I remember his shockingly bigoted statement, when he was Reagan's high priest, that AIDS was God's judgement against gays--a wretchedly evil statement which found a joyous echo in the hearts of millions of bigots, and which echoes still today. And then he added to that with his attempt to blame 9/11 on Divine punishment for gays, lesbians, the ACLU--everyone except his fascist minions.
It is well that we remember the source of these festering memes. Remember, for example, that it was Bishop (later Cardinal) O'Connor (sp?) who came up with the graphic image, which people to this day are certain they saw on television, that protesters spit on returning Vietnam vets. Think of the vitality of the hatred these demagogues can create!
Let Falwell's death create an opportunity for truth.