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Bob Robideau's lies exposed by new letter from Leonard Peltier

"Do I support Bob [Robideau] in his efforts to get John [Graham] railroaded into prison?" Hell No! I'd be a goddamn hypocrite if I did. Because I know just about as much as Bob knows about Anna Mae's murder and that is not a goddamn thing. I know Bob is full of shit and that if the truth be known he did not even know her. He may have spoken a casual Hello or something like that, otherwise he did not know her.
- Leonard Peltier
Bob Robideau's lies exposed by new letter from Leonard Peltier:

Show your opposition to the John Graham extradition this week!

Please note the dates and times this week to show your opposition
to the extradition of John Graham. This email contains very
important updates on Graham's case.

Below, you will find a sample letter of support, as well as a
letter from Leonard Peltier that refutes the allegations made by
Bob Robideau on a recent speaking trip to Vancouver (hosted by
Aaron Mercredi, other members of Fire This Time and their group
the Indigenous Rights Action Project). This correspondence can
leave no doubt that Leonard Peltier does not support the
extradition of John Graham. It is important, this week
especially, to mobilize and show our opposition to the campaign
of disinformation that has been waged in support of the FBI's
effort to extradite Graham to the United States.

The following materials have been sent out by members of the John
Graham Defense Committee. Note in particlar the May 4 letter from
Leonard Peltier, jailed in Lewisburg Penitentiary in

John Graham's extradition appeal begins on Thursday, May 17, at
the Supreme Court on Howe St/Smithe. Supporter have been asked to
be there at 9:00 am with placards and banners.

There is also a rally planned on Commercial Drive on Tuesday, May
15, 4:30 pm, starting at the Broadway/Commercial Blenz coffee
place, and marching to Grandview Park.

Please help circulate the following information, which is
extremely relevant and important.

(Sample letter to send to interested people)

As you may know, former American Indian Movement (AIM) leader
Leonard Peltier has spent over 30 years in prison after being
framed for the killing of two FBI agents at the South Dakota Pine
Ridge reservation in 1976. Despite some 20 MILLION appeals from
citizens around the world for justice in this case, the US
government has failed to grant him a fair and impartial review of
his trial or to return Peltier to Canada, as it is now clear that
he was extradited on the basis of false "evidence".

Now Canada faces another possible extradition of a former AIM
member, John Graham. The "evidence" so far provided by the US
government is highly suspect but Canada's extradition law
actually allows Canadians to be extradited to the US based on a
claim of evidence (not the evidence itself!), even if that
"evidence" can easily be shown to be false or unsubstantial.

John Graham and his lawyer would welcome a trial in Canada where
our own courts could review the evidence and discredit the
spurious, false testimony presented by US attorneys. Graham is
accused of killing Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and hopes that a trial
in Canada might help find out who the real killer(s) were.

To allow the FBI to continue to hide its own misdeeds by
convicting yet another person for a crime they are innocent of
would be not only lamentable, but would mean that Canada was
complicit in a racist campaign of intimidation and injustice
directed against native Americans. It is high time we ended our
part in this war against the First Nations peoples.



NOTE: Some people have been reluctant to support John Graham,
basing their reluctance on purported statements from Leonard
Peltier, that he no longer wanted his name associated with

On May 10, 2007, long time friend of Peltier and the founder of
BC's first Amnesty International group, Dr. Jennifer Wade,
recieved a letter from Peltier in which he states that he does
not want John Graham extradited, and further explains that the
people who have supposedly been speaking on his behalf are not
telling the truth and he wants nothing to do with them.

It is clear that someone somewhere (very likely members of the
FBI and others) are actively working to undermine efforts to see
justice done in the case of John Graham. This in itself is
further evidence that Graham would not get a fair trial if he
were extradited to the US.

Copied below is more information on the Graham case and its
implications for the rights of all Canadians, as well as the text
of Peltier's recent letter.

message from Rex Weyler:
Subject: RE: Extradition of Tutchone Native John Graham

Apart from all else, it is very important to keep the following
in mind re John Grahamıs extradition case, May17th, 2007:

RE: John Graham & Canadian Extradition Law

Most of you probably know this, but in letters to politicians and
media it might be helpful to make reference to the importance of
this case in relation to Canadian Extradition law:

1. The extradition agreement with the US, as written, gives the
US the authority to grab any Canadian citizen from Canada to the
US on the mere say-so of a US Attorney, based on a claim of
evidence (not the evidence itself!); and denies Canadian courts
the right to investigate the evidence or confirm its accuracy.

In Canada, Canadian prosecutors cannot drag you into court on
phoney evidence or hearsay, but the US prosecutors can!

2. The US evidence used to extradite native American Leonard
Peltier in 1976 was proven false and fabricated in a US
courtroom. The FBI kidnapped a poor native woman in South Dakota
-- Myrtle Poor Bear -- threatened her, threatened her children,
and intimidated her into signing 3 false and self-contradictory
affidavits. On this "evidence" Canada sent Peltier to the US,
where he remains in jail.

3. In the Graham case, Graham's lawyers have already shown in a
Canadian courtroom that U.S. Attorney Robert Mandel, who filed
the U.S. request to extradite Graham has presented phoney
evidence. In a letter on January 26, 2004, Mandel assured Canada
that "the evidence . . . is available for trial" and sufficient
to prosecute. Graham's attorney, Terry LaLiberte showed in the
extradition hearing that the evidence Mr. Mandel put forward is

(a) Mandel told Canada that spiritual leader and elder Al Gates
was ³available for trial² and could testify that Graham was
present at the murder. This is false. Mr. Gates had been dead for
nine months when Mr. Mandel put his name forward.

(b) Arlo Looking Cloud, the only alleged witness to Aquash's
murder, says the FBI induced him with heroin and alcohol to give
a false statement. He now insists he will not testify against

(c) A third witness, Frank Dillon, has denied making any
incriminating statements against Graham, and claims Mandelıs
letter misrepresented him.

LaLiberte and Graham have both said they would welcome a trial in
Canada, where these phoney charges could be exposed. LaLiberte
says he wants Mandel to explain in court the gaps,
misrepresentations, and flaws in the extradition request. He said
"In Canada, Iıd drive a truck through the holes in this case."

4. Supreme Court Challenge to the Extradition Law:

In July of 2006, Canada's Supreme Court, lead by Chief Justice
Beverley McLachlin, registered concerns that the Extradition Law
may violate Canadian citizen rights confirmed by the Charter of
Rights. The case was brought to the Supreme court by Criminal
lawyer Edward Greenspan.

The court established a new test for judges when deciding whether
or not an accused should be sent to the US. The court stated that
the evidence to extradite must amount to a case that could go to
trial in Canada and potentially result in a guilty verdict. (No
dead witnesses, no intimidated witnesses or false affidavits.)

The court ruled that "This may require the extradition judge to
engage in limited weighing of the evidence."

Justice McLachlin wrote that the extradition process must be
independent in appearance and in substance and that the
extradition process "must provide real protection against
extradition in the absence of an adequate case against the person

Remember, if anyone is concerned that Mr. Graham may be guilty,
he and his lawyers have welcomed a trial in Canada where our own
courts can review the evidence and avoid the spurious,
fabricated, false testimony contrived by US attorneys.

Furthermore, there exists considerable evidence that the FBI
itself was complicit in the death of Anna Mae Aquash, that they
falsified an autopsy, claimed not to recognize her, and buried
her in a nameless pauper's grave after severing her hands. There
is evidence to show that Ms. Aquash had been arrested many times
by the FBI and specifically threatened with death by FBI agent
David Price and others.


Rex Weyler (weyler at telus.net)

Peltier's letter postmarked May 4, 2007. Transcribed with notes
by Rex Weyler:

Leonard Peltier
US Penitentiary
Box # 1000
Lewisburg, PA, 17837


Dr. Jennifer Wade
[address withheld]
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dear Jennifer!

Please allow me to begin by apologizing for not responding to
your letters, it was not [that] there is anything personal etc,
al, itıs just that I have so much on my plate at times I donıt
know if Iım coming or going, and to even have the time to answer
my friends becomes a hassle!

"Do I support Bob [Robideau] in his efforts to get John [Graham]
railroaded into prison? Hell No! Iıd be a goddamn hypocrite if I
did. Because I know just about as much as Bob knows about Anna
Maeıs murder and that is not a goddamn thing. I know Bob is full
of shit and that if the truth be known he did not even know her.
He my have spoken a casual Hello or something like that,
otherwise he did not know her.

What is his alternative(s)? Well, in his mind, which as far as
I'm concerned is very small!, this keeps his name in front of the
public and he has an issue to keep his name in Indian issues. You
will notice Bob does not go and make these statements on Pine
Ridge or anywhere in Indian Country. He would get his ass beat
down bad! A dry snitch is just as bad as a snitch! And that is
what he is doing, dry snitching, saying shit he has no proof of.
Hey, if he had real proof, he would have sold it along time ago,
because this is his real motive, $ $.

Bob got hooked up with B[arry] Bachrach while he was still living
in Spain. He actually became Bobıs lawyer more than mine. I told
them repeatedly I did not want any involvement in what they were
trying to do with John G. [Graham]. Finally last month I accepted
Barryıs resignation, and Iım waiting for Bob to do the same.
Remember Jennifer, I am damned if I do and damned if I don't, and
believe me that is one Hell of a burden to have to endure. So I
have to wait for his [Robideau's] resignation. [small angry face
drawn on original]

The government does not want the whole truth to come out about
Indian peoples' struggles. Clear up to the current day & time,
they have always denied their genocidal attacks and continue to
do so today. And any Indian who works with them supports their
claims [that] the genocide never happened.

Look, I donıt know if John is guilty or innocent. What I do know
is this: He will not receive a fair trial if he is returned, so
we will not know any more than we know now what happened to her
[Anna Mae Aquash]. I donıt know how I can help. I cannot even
help myself. It looks more & more every day that I will die in
prison. Personally, I know the government was involved some how?
This is how COINTEL works.

Well my friend, I need to end this. Please contact the director
Toni of the L.P.D.C. [Leonard Peltier Defense Committee; phone #
withheld, available on request]. We need to keep in touch. Take

In the spirit of Crazy Horse,

[signed] Leonard

P.S. Yes, I heard Harriet died.
[Harriet Nahanee, Salish elder; small sad-face drawn on original.]



"Dry snitch; dry snitching": refers to someone who is misguided,
has been duped, or is serving the government's prosecutorial
interests for other reasons.

"B. Bachrach": Barry Bachrach, former Peltier lawyer, dismissed
by Leonard Peltier.

"COINTEL": US FBI domestic Counter Intelligence Program
(COINTELPRO), designed to neutralize perceived political enemies
or public dissidents; involving the FBI, US Marshals, NSA,
Pentagon, and other agencies. COINTEL has infiltrated and
disrupted the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther Kingıs inner
circle, the womenıs movement, American Indian Movement,
environmental groups, and other public political groups.

Why this letter is significant in the John Graham Case:

In April, 2007, Bob Robideau toured British Columbia, claiming to
represent the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, denouncing John
Graham, accusing him of murder, and disrupting and dividing local
native groups. Some observers at the time, including Jennifer
Wade, Lyn Highway, and others in Vancouver suspected Robideau
misrepresenting his role with the Peltier defense and of serving
the interests of US prosecutors to prejudice Canadian opinion
against Mr. Graham. This letter confirms the former suspicion and
suggests the latter.

For additional information about this case:

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen

The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash, by Johanna Brand

Blood of the Land, by Rex Weyler

homepage: homepage: http://www.grahamdefense.org

Will this mess ever get solved 15.May.2007 16:25


First off, how do we know that this letter is really from Leonard? If it really is then it only proves a disagreement has occured. It does not prove that anyone is working for the FBI.

Second, this whole case is fucking insane. How is anyone supposed to know who to believe? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

The only thing I do know is that the State is always the true enemy. It can, in no way, benefit anyone to say anything to the state in a court of law or otherwise.

NEVER speak to the state. Never speak under any circumstance. The colonial courts are always the enemy. If someone speaks to the court it does not make them an FBI agent, it just makes them really stupid and Naieve.

To me the best explanation is that the FBI is doing all of it. They killed Anna, They started all the splits and they continue to pit the Chruchill - Means faction against the Banks "National AIM" faction.

The constant misinformation and fighting comming from all directions is getting seriously out of hand and is now spilling over into many other allied movements. It is only a matter of time until all of us are going to be asked to start taking sides.

The problem is that there will likley never be enough info to make an informed descision.

Is there anyone who can clear any of this up??????

One more thing 15.May.2007 16:49


According the the Official Leonard Peltier Defense Commitee Bob Robideau was in fact in British Columbia on tour last month representing the Lenonard Peltier Defense Committee. He was not "claiming" to represent the LPDC he was representing the LPDC.

As to what he said concerning John G. I have no Idea as I was not there.

Confusing 15.May.2007 18:52

Mother of Sam

Robideau has always beena staunch supporter of Peltier. Several times over the years, when other folks have messed up Leonard's defense offices, finances, etc., Bob has been the one willing to be the "bad guy" and has gone and cleaned up the mess. I would defer to Leonard's wishes here, but need more proof about his position. I agree with Tiamat that I can't be certain the statments attributed to Pelteir really came from him.

At Least Two Sides to Every Story 15.May.2007 19:28

Jim Lockhart

I agree with Tiamat that, for those of us who have no connection to these issues, this is a very confusing situation.
For those wishing more information, I've included a link to a website which shines light on the other side of this story.

We all have great respect for Leonard Peltier, but, unfortunately, there has been much character asassination going on around many of those involved in either side of this conflict.

It would be much easier for those of us outside this conflict to make some sense of it all if there wasn't this intense infighting and name calling. This muddies the waters and makes an already complicated situation impossible to navigate.

People are attacked and dragged through the mud. The name of John Trudell often is linked to this conflict. Having a very tangential acquaintance with John Trudell, I have great respect for him; for his intelligence and his integrity. I'm sure others feel the same for Robideau, and others involved in this ongoing situation.

People can disagree without seeking to destroy those who hold opposing viewpoints. This stridency serves only to alienate many who wish to support Indigenous people and their struggle for Justice.

And, despite this ongoing venom, I'm sure we will all continue to do so, however difficult it may be.

AIM still under attack because still relevant 16.May.2007 05:26

st. patrick battalion #1

It proves that the US government is still trying to destroy the American Indian Movement, to create such confusion and chaos, yes intentional chaos, that it finally implodes.

Yes the divisions within AIM are real. Yes, most movements eventually split, have differences, become factional and eventually destroy themselves.

However, it is important to note several things:

AIM is one of the only radical movements from the 60's and 70's that is in any way still relevant. Yes, groups like the New Black Panthers have re-emerged, with some high profile former members. Yes, SDS (students for a Democratic Society is re-emerging), but these are all new formations...while AIM is still a functioning, albeit factional, reality.

This is a critical time for Indigenous, First Nation, movements in this hemisphere, and across the globe. In Brazil, and Ecuador, and Mexico Indigenous communities are on the front lines of resisting neo-liberalism (economic free trade policies designed to homogenize and further exploit and colonize peoples and the land). Most importantly, this resistance is being effective. It is deeply effecting the movements for social change in most of central and south america. This is a significant development since the Zapatistas declared war on NAFTA and corporate globalization on January 1st, 1994.

The potential for a real movement in Indigenous First Nations North America is a frightening specter for the governments of the the US and Canada. They see what the government of Mexico is dealing with in Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero. Mexico is in a pre-revolutionary phase right now, teetering on the brink.

It can be assumed that the government of the United States will be going after First Nations in a much more intensive way given the looming energy crisis surrounding oil. They know that they will have to get at the coal, natural gas, uranium deposits and hydro-electrical potentials that exist on First Nation lands. This will lead to more forced relocations, more cultural genocide like we have seen at Black Mesa. They know that there will inevitably be resistance and as a result want to ensure that the last remaining remnants of a movement that had and continues to have an impact is finally and totally destroyed, and the most effective way to do that is to continue to plant and nurture chaos and distrust and animosity between those who remain.

If you are a non-native supporter of indigenous struggles in this country here is rule number one.

Stay out of it. It is not our issue period. It is not up to us to be a Banks or a Churchill or a Bellecourt supporter. It us up to us to support resistance wherever and whenever it happens. If we happen to be supporting a struggle that one of these factions is behind, then good, support it, it is important work, but don't feed the flames of destruction. As white people we are trained to think that we have the right to discuss, have an opinion, and also the right to have an effect on everything. This is a direct result of our colonizer minds that cannot help but to divide and conquer, even ourselves. So let's do a great favor to this whole thing and stay out of the controversies, leave our opinions to ourselves, get to work and recognize that we can do more harm than good if we get swept up and end up wittingly or unwittingly helping to destroy what we claim to fight for.

that said, much respect to all the folks who don't act like this, don't get defensive, rather get smart, dig deeper, down to the bone and the blood.

free the mind and free the land.

Reply to doubters 16.May.2007 11:09


- Robideau has NOT always been a staunch supporter of Leonard Peltier. He resigned from Leonard's Defense Committee on March 3, 2004, because of Peltier's opposition to John Graham's extradition, saying in an interview with In These Times, "I won't be a party to the LPDC or to Leonard if he is not going to condemn these people..."


- Leonard Peltier on the other hand has released at least five public statements since 1999 on the Anna Mae investigation and the prosecution of Arlo Looking Cloud and John Graham. He has always said that he does not know who killed Anna Mae but that the FBI's handling of it was inline with their Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge and the murders of many AIM members and traditional Lakota's by the GOON squad they supported. "I fear that Graham will not receive a fair hearing in Canada or a fair trial in the U.S., anymore than I did, " said Leonard Peltier, in his statement on the Graham Extradition Hearing, December 6, 2004. In a letter dated May 1, 2003, concerning the Anna Mae Aquash murder investigation Peltier said, "I believe Anna Mae's murder was the direct result of the FBI's activities on Pine Ridge. I say this not because I believe Annie Mae was an informant. No. I never believed nor took seriously rumors that Anna Mae Aquash was an FBI informant. I believe, instead, that Anna Mae was murdered because she was a skilled organizer & leader for our people. There is no clearer example of FBI misconduct than the Reign of Terror. The events that happened there should not be allowed to be forgotten nor covered up by time."

- Trudell is not being "attacked and dragged through the mud." He decided to become a "witness" for the US government and FBI, and testified against Arlo Looking Cloud and John Graham. He is attacking other former AIM members and dragging them through the mud as part of an FBI attack on Leonard Peltier, Looking Cloud and Graham. In Arlo's trial, self-admitted paid FBI informant Kamook Banks testified that Peltier told her he killed the two FBI agents. She later married Robert Ecoffey, the primary investigator of the Looking Cloud and Graham case. Not coincidently, he was a cop on Pine Ridge during the FBI's Reign of Terror and worked with the two FBI agents who Peltier was framed for killing. He also testified against Peltier in trial and said he was fired on during the shoot-out in Oglala. On Ecoffey, Peltier said in a 1999 statement, "I have not said anything up until now because I do not want to be involved in an investigation carried out in part, by Robert Ecoffey and the RCMP. Ecoffey was responsible for much of the terror and corruption that existed on Pine Ridge in the early 70's. The RCMP, working with the FBI, submitted a fabricated statement against me over a year after I was arrested by them in Canada." The RCMP are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's national colonial paramilitary police force, who arrested Peltier in Alberta in 1976.