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A chance to restore Habeus Corpus-Act Now!

Tell Speaker Pelosi: Support Vote on Defense Authorization Amendment to Restore Habeas Corpus

There is a movement in Congress towards restoring habeas corpus, and Speaker Pelosi's support is critical to allow the first vote to restore habeas corpus. As early as Wednesday, the House of Representatives could vote on an amendment to the Defense authorization bill that would explicitly restore habeas corpus.
Habeas corpus is a fundamental principle of our legal system. Basically, it states that anyone imprisoned by the government has a right to independent judicial review of charges brought against them. This right protects against the arbitrary practices of kings, despots and dictators, and ensures that charges brought are based on law and not just the whims of the powerful.

Unfortunately, last year the Republican-controlled Congress nullified this important legal principle when they passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006. It's a very slippery slope towards dictatorship when the President is given the unilateral power to imprison someone indefinitely.

Courageous members of Congress are now trying to restore this fundamental right through an amendment to the Defense authorization bill, but it is not yet clear whether Speaker Pelosi and the House Leadership will allow the amendment to proceed. So please drop her a note using the form at right, and ask her to allow the amendment to go forward.

Click here to act now!  http://actforchange.workingassets.com/campaign/habeas_defbillamend?rk=NdwIr1Y1CUysE

Petition 15.May.2007 21:19


I signed the petition, because regaining our civil rights is very important to me.I deleted the part about" our status as a moral leader in the world again". I don't think that with the way we have behaved in the world recently we should be thinking about being any kind of leader, leave alone a moral one, any time soon!

Why Does Pelosico Need a Reason To Restore Habeas? 16.May.2007 13:11


"Habeas corpus is a fundamental principle of our legal system."

Why have the "Patriot Act" and the "Military Commissions Act" not been repealed, nor any attempt been made to repeal them?

Why does Pelosi need a reason 17.May.2007 12:41


to restore habeaus coprpus? I would suggest the best reason for Pelosi and the rest of congress to restore habeaus corpus today is because they will probably need it tomorrow.