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Local teams of very creative (and smart!) youth win a chance to compete in DI Global Finals at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville

CONTACT: Richa Kapur

Local teams of very creative (and smart!) youth win a chance to compete in DI Global Finals at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville


It will be a long, exciting plane ride for some of our local youth! Two young teams, AFOOFA & ANTS, from Jacob Wismer Elementary School of the Beaverton School District will compete against students from across the country and more than 10 countries and provinces, including teams from Turkey, Brazil, Poland, China, Mexico and Guatemala. These students have earned the right to take part in the competition of a lifetime at the Destination ImagiNation® (DI) Global Finals May 23 - 26, 2007 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

It's been a fun, tough, exciting and rewarding time for these kids as they worked their way through several levels of competition in order to win a shot at the biggest challenge of them all - Destination ImagiNation's Global Finals. The 8,000 participants that proceed to Global Finals emerge from a field of 350,000 participants.

The Destination ImagiNation program runs annually, and presents students working in teams the opportunity to choose from several mind-bending Team Challenges. While each Team Challenge integrates a variety of chances to learn by doing, Challenges usually feature one prominent task, such as building a load-bearing structure, creating a vehicle, writing a performance piece or exploring history. The program also provides Instant Challenges in which the teams work together to solve shorter Challenges within minutes; encouraging and teaching critical thinking and teamwork, & promoting the development of improv and quick-thinking skills.

Team AFOOFA chose the DI Challenge "Round About Courage", and came up with a creative performance about Saving Christmas when our dear old Santa Claus is captured by his nemesis, the Evil Santa, and the Elf's rally to free him and save Christmas, in the process traveling to Africa, India, Hawaii, & the South Pole. Team AFOOFA members, 2nd and 3rd Graders, are Ashika Mulagada, Alex Wong, Prathyoosha Chaya, Rea Kapur, Ritapa Neoygi, & Rohit Mantha. The team is ably coached by parent volunteers Venkatesh D Chaya & Richa D Kapur.

Team ANTS chose the DI Challenge "Direct Flight", and came up with an innovative skit about going around the world in 8 minutes Team ANTS members, 5th Graders, are Adarsh Bahatt, Tharun Sankar, Apoorva Ayyangari, Avaya Bhattarai, Arjun Vachhani, Abhinav Mulagada, and Neelish Moorthy. The team is ably coached by parent volunteers Atul Bhattarai, Srinivas Mulagada and Shailesh Vachhani.

It takes a village to raise a child; and these two young local teams need your help to fund participation & represent our Community at the Global Finals. Over the last two weeks, the kids have been fund raising in the community to help cover the travel expenses to compete at the Globals, and have raised almost $500. They are still looking for community donations and local business sponsors to help cover a sizable funding gap. Contributions go to the non-profit Student Fund, and are normally tax deductible; checks should be made out to "Jacob Wismer Student Fund, DI Global Teams", and sent to the Jacob Wismer Elementary School, 5477 NW Skycrest Parkway, Portland, OR 97229; alternatively, please call Richa Kapur at 503-720-2779 to arrange a pickup.

For more information about the local teams and their winning entries, call Richa Kapur at 503-720-2779.
For more information about the competition visit: www.globalfinals.org and www.destinationimagination.org