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Farmers Texas,2nd city to Fine Landords for illegal Immigration Renting

Immigration documentation,now a city law in Farmers Texas.
Landlords/owners to be fined.
As being reported on Air America,May 14th,2007.
From an interview I heard straight from a city Council Member of Farmers Texas tell Ed Schultz of Air America, that the citizens of Farmers Texas voted it into City Law, yesterday, to compliment the Federal Law, that it is illegal to habor an illegal alien in America,so we're going to enforce the federal law on a local level that the ICE wont do for us.

So It is now illegal to rent to an undocumented person in Farmers texas.
Council Member said,"that they can ask to see rental papers from any landlord, without asking for a race preference,(example, apt # 23 or # 42 )just that each resident that pays rent has to prove citizenship".
THE Council member continued," if any renter is found to be renting illegally,the owner will be fined,$500 a day."
No discussion was held as to the status of the undocumented renter...? would said undocumented person be evicted,taken to the border or what.?

The ordinance is the second one in America, One city council in Minnesota,makes it a crime to rent and employee persons whom are not documented as American Residents.

The ordinance can be viewed on their city website.
It was stated, "that Property values were going down and people were wanting to maintain a standard of livibility",thus the ordinance was passed overwhelmingly.

Waiting for MOVEON .Org to take some action.

For the record, In my own View, there is no illegal Human. I personally see the back breaking labor hispanic's provide,and even george Bush is all for a Type of Amnesty program,(but knowing George, theirs a loophole with Money attached to it for him)
For farmers,exas, its a $500 a day fine.

Any Problem can be solved,you just have to WANT to solve it.