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Roland Arnall: Another parasite member of the Bush Crime Cartel

The bigger of a crook you are and the more you contribute to the GOP, the better chance you have of being selected to be a cabinet member, judge, or ambassidor.
I know this is old news to most who are studious about keeping up on political affairs. NPR ran a story this morning about the unethical, corrupt practices of Ameriquest, the nation's largest sub-prime mortgage lender. This huge lender
ruined and hurt countless people across the country by deliberately lying to them about the terms of their loans. Although they have settled a 350 million dollar class action law suit brought by 49 of the 50 states, this will do little to help the thousands that have or will lose their homes due to the preditory, bait and switch tactics used by this criminal enterprize.

What amazes me the most is that the revolution has not yet started. Everyday we find out that one more member of the Bush crime family has committed atrocities against the American people and walked free. Not only did Roland Arnall walk, he was given the ambassidorship to the netherlands by Bush. Each one of these Bush cronies like Rove, Delay, Abramoff,Chaney,Arnall, Gonzales, and countless more are every bit as deserving of a public execution as Sadam Hussein was. This dark force of evil has created their own reality, where every unthinkable crime they commit is OK. I simply can't believe the millions
of unsuspecting morons that listen to the right wing pundits that convince them anything those in power do is OK. These guys figured it out. Lie and rob your country blind while sending innocent soldiers to their death and all you have to do is give a few million of the spoils to fascist mouth pieces like Limbaugh, and Oreiley and have them convince the most gullible that our leaders are acting in our own best interest. The next time I can see being proud of being an American is when I see each and everyone of these son of a bitches swinging from a rope as Sadam did.

bullets are cheep 14.May.2007 22:32

larry shultz

Hey my friend;
If you are wairing for some benevolent force to bring these sociopaths to justice. you are going to be waiting for an eternity. This aint no social situation that demands peaceful protest. These are the worst criminals you can imagine, on the lose and preying on humanity. It's time for all the healthy citizens of this great country to take up arms and use the force neccasary to stop this band of criminals. A fivty cal. from Barrett Firearms can pick one of these assholes off from a mile away. Bullets are cheep and it's open season on those that are destroying all our ancestors fought for.

above comment 15.May.2007 09:22

larry schultz

please don;t take mt last comment literally, but as a nuch deserved expression of rage. Of course I wouldn;t encourage anyone to break the law or use vilence. I trust we will all know when other options have run out and revolt is the only uption left. In the mean time, express your rage here and write your congresman