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Mothers Day Vigil - Report and Photos

There were about 75 people standing in silent vigil on the sidewalk in front of the Rhododendron Garden this afternoon. It was a powerful presence, especially after we went into silence. A variety of reactions from the passersby, none overtly negative, many very positive, many sad, many trying not to look. We were unavoidable.
Mothers Day Silent Vigil
Mothers Day Silent Vigil
Most of us were wearing photos of soldiers or Iraqi children and mothers, fathers. During the silence we didn't interact with the crowd at all. There was an aura of grief and deep respect for that half hour.

At one point a security guard asked us to move across the street. We politely declined. We weren't obstructing, we were on public property and were well within our rights. He was responding to one of the garden staff who was miffed about us being there. This guard ended up hanging very close by as we went into the silent half hour - I think he was very "with" us. We explained that this was part of an international day of women (and men) standing in silence to acknowledge the death and destruction that is Iraq and Afghanistan. (see  http://standingwomen.org )

Thanks, everyone, for being there and being a powerful reminder to many hundreds of people today.

Photos by Engee.

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The Real Deal !! 14.May.2007 13:21


this is the real deal , what a powerful and unnerving statement !
......... it deserves an enthusiastic power fist up in recognition to whomever made this happen ........ right the fuck on !!!!!!

Mouthy Woman 14.May.2007 21:40


I was passing by and stopped to get out and witness. It was great. Although there was one mouthy woman in the vigil. What was she all about? Really out of place.

Didnt see that 15.May.2007 23:35

Joe anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Well I didnt see what you seen.....
But I did get a half hour of video....
I will post it here on Indy Media by Wednesday evening at the latest..
I was inpired, impressed, and enlightned.

Thank you to all who made the effort on"Mothers Day" to be "Peacemakers"

Real 17.May.2007 12:42


............... i talked with a friend who drove by this action in jammed up traffic , and it sent chills down my spine listening to his description of the visual impact that this event had !

---------- carry on brothers and sisters , shake up the denial factor in amerikka ----------

Video Link 17.May.2007 17:27

Joe Anybody

Here is the Indy Media link to my Google video post concerning this silent vigil