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Germany: Projects and Social Spaces Targeted as G8 Summit Approaches

On Wednesday, May 9, raids took place against approximately 40 apartments, offices and social spaces associated with leftist or radical projects in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and other locations. Approximately 900 police were involved in this wave of raids. This repression arrives in the run-up to the summit of the G8 nations, set to take place in Heiligendamm from June 6-8.
solidarity march in austria against the repression
solidarity march in austria against the repression
The German federal police seemed especially concerned about shutting down the so36.net server, which hosts many alternative and activist mailing lists and internet sites. The raids, targeting a hodge-podge of those who have voiced opposition to the G8, are seen as an attempt to discourage active opposition to the summit. Some of the searches were justified by section 129a of the German criminal code, which involves "forming a terrorist association." This has given the authorities wide-ranging powers of data gathering and intimidation against their targets, although conviction under this section is rare.

The repression met with a prompt response. Thousands took to the streets in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere on the evening of the raids, with solidarity actions also held in several other countries.

Solidarity 13.May.2007 19:23


We'll be seeing you in the streets of Rostock! Or maybe even Heiligendamm? Hang in there.

actions 14.May.2007 11:28

at home

Does anyone know if there are going to be actions in PDX during the G8 protest?

police attacks on free spaces in denmark: 15.May.2007 07:21


yes there will be actions in portland 16.May.2007 19:57

and all about the globe

get ready to draw attention to these things

 link to maps.google.com

http://www.g8-tv.org/ 18.May.2007 11:05


 http://www.g8-tv.org/ from now on online.