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wtf - Indymedia down yesterday?

Nothing was posted on INdymedia all day yesterday, though I published an article early in the day. Server problems? Hacked?

what? 13.May.2007 15:06

what are you talking about?

No, there were 13 posts to the newswire yesterday.

In general posts about the site itself are not a good use of wire space. Try e-mailing the editors.

not down 13.May.2007 15:14


The web content on one of the servers (out of several) wasn't being synchronized. That means for some people things worked fine, and for others they saw content a day back. Odds are that some, perhaps many, people probably flipped between the 1 that wasn't working and the others that were, which would have given the appearance of content appearing and disappearing. This is not uncommon though it usually gets noticed and fixed more rapidly.