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Wildfire and low water levels in the BWCA

Many non-government people are blaming global warming for the drought, fire and low water level but state and federal managers and main stream media have been blaming Mother Nature.
Firefighter - http://www.hamlakefire.com/hamlakegallery/index.html
Firefighter - http://www.hamlakefire.com/hamlakegallery/index.html
A forest fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area grew to 52,000 acres this week after crossing the international boundary from northeast Minnesota to Ontario. 657 firefighters and 16 helicopters have been employed as the fire continues to grow, destroying 134 structures, many of them homes, from a report last night.

A severe drought, which began in early 2006, contributed to the fire. The fire was ignited about a week ago by sparks from a campfire during unexpected high winds.

Water levels in the BWCA are low. Nearby Lake Superior is near an 82 year low water surface level.

A photo of the fire fighting effort and a link to more photos and information are at:


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