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Mothers Day Vigil - Code Pink & Surge Protection Brigade

Code Pink and the Surge Protection Brigade will host a silent vigil on Mothers Day, May 13th at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, S.E. 28th and Woodstock. We will gather at 12:30 for about an hour. This will coincide with the international Standing Women vigil (see  http://www.standingwomen.org/ ) Please join us!
Crystal Springs is very heavily attended on Mothers Day. Our plan is to stand on the sidewalk in front of the parking lot, which will be turned into a plant sale area for the day.
We are asking participants to:

* wear pink and black
* NOT carry signs - this is NOT a protest
* hold an enlarged photo (at least 8x10) - e.g. photo of a deceased soldier (no Oregon soldiers, please) or Iraqi woman, child, man.. (Suggestion: enlarge and laminate, attach a string so you can hang it around your neck)
* stand silently, don't engage in conversation with passersby
* if it's raining, please bring a black umbrella

There is parking at Reed, across the street. Please consider carpooling, bicycling or using Trimet (Bus #19, Woodstock).

Questions - contact  info@codepinkportland.org

homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org