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Why am I looking at Potter these days and wanting to take my vote back?
Educate me, somebody, on what's (really) motivating Potter to push so hard for Measures 26-89 through 26-92 which would amend the city charter and change the current form of city government. What's going on here? It all makes me look back with a more jaundiced eye on the brouhaha between Potter and the PJTTF over their refusal to give him a higher security clearance than then Chief Foxworth. Is Potter a closet control freak or...? Is it wrong to be scared of this attempt to concentrate power and authority in fewer hands?

control freak out! 11.May.2007 23:29


I think most people had figured out that the motivation to fight the JTTF had enough to do with vindicating civil rights or privacy of citizens. It merely had to do with the Mayor being pissed off they couldn't get the clearance. Meet the new boss.

keyboard/brain feak out! 11.May.2007 23:39


I meant... "had nothing to do with vindicating civil rights..." not "had enough".

related to Noble Resolve? 12.May.2007 15:08


Yes, Tom Potter wants to dismantle the checks and balances of Portland's commisioner system of government, and replace it with a single, "strong mayor" system.

I have also heard reports about city commissioner's objections to placing an FBI agent within city hall.

With the issue of security clearance above the police chief's, perhaps Portland's involvement in the massive, multi-agency Noble Resolve terrorism drill campaign has something to do with this? Besides the first part of the operation that was conducted about two weeks ago in Norfolk, Virginia, there is to be another phase happening here in Portland in August...
"Oden said the next phase in August will focus on a threat in the Pacific theater. Those involved will include the state of Oregon, the city of Portland, the Oregon National Guard, as well as Joint Task Force Homeland Defense, located in Hawaii."

Besides being a huge, multi-agency terrorism drill, a large element of the drill is called Urban Resolve--a virtual simulation where they have constructed massive, and very sophisticated "Sims City"-like computer models of how a population in a city would respond to certain variables like a public disaster. The degree of detail involves different social groups and their habits and repsonses, using online data mining and other forms of population research to anticipate and predict a certain group's responses.

Noble Resolve, from Wikipedia

Noble Resolve is a United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) experimentation campaign plan to enhance homeland defense and improve military support to civil authorities in advance of and following natural and man-made disasters.

The Noble Resolve campaign will:
Develop solutions for U.S. agencies and organizations by providing the means to deter, prevent, and defeat threats and aggression aimed at the U.S., its territories, and interests. Develop solutions to provide improved defense support to civil authorities. Build upon global partnerships.

The U.S. Army and USJFCOM wargame Unified Quest 2006 determined the need for homeland defense experimentation.

In 2006, U.S. Joint Forces Command explored the Department of Homeland Security’s scenario for an unaccounted for, "loose," 10 kiloton nuclear weapon. A number of research questions for further experimentation and resolution were identified.

To what extent does the U.S. have a layered defense?
When will the U.S. know a threat is headed towards the U.S.?
What can be done in advance to keep the threat from reaching us from overseas?
How can USJFCOM provide emergency managers with modeling and simulation support?
How can the U.S. establish a reliable collaborative environment that includes first responders?
Is there a tool set that encompasses shared operations, shared information, shared situational awareness, and shared Common Operational Picture?

To answer these questions, USJFCOM established an evolving Noble Resolve experiment campaign plan which will start execution in April 2007 and continue over the next couple of years.

Participants include:
United States Northern Command
United States European Command
United States Strategic Command
United States Pacific Command
United States Transportation Command
United States Army
United States Navy
United States Coast Guard
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Energy
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Guard Bureau
Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia National Guard
Port of Norfolk, Virginia and Hampton Roads
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
University of Virginia
A.P. Moller-Maersk Group
City of Portland, Oregon
Multinational: Austria, Canada, Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea, Poland, Singapore, and Sweden

pleidian is freaking me out 14.May.2007 12:07

Mr Anonymous

Yikes, I didn't realize there was a terror drill planned for PDX. Anytime there's a "drill" planned, I get worried. Look what happened when they ran a drill on 9-11 for hijacked airplanes (nah, couldn't have foreseen planes being used as weapons). It's not like Portland is near and dear to the hearts of the Bushes, either.

On to Potter... Did anybody else thing it was kind of politically limp d*%@ to run the same "argument for" commentary under his name for all of his ballot measures? He doesn't even use up the amount of space he has. So instead of four different 300 word essays on why we need this, we get about 200 words total, or about 18% of the space he had to make his point. He really doesn't give any facts to support why he believes the measures will help. Like a "strong mayor" is a panacea? The history of the US is replete with corrupted "strong mayors." And the group that came up with these solutions (the result of his charter reform and visioning projects) was hand-selected by the mayor. The end result, with a few exceptions, was basically a who's who of the Portland old-money establishment.

Truth is the Portland Business Alliance has been wagging the dog with Potter all along. The Evangelical, conservative Portland Tribune (the propaganda for Portland's business establishment) was rooting and tooting Potter from the beginning.

Then .... 16.May.2007 21:08

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I did see how just recently Tom wants the cop fired for killing that guy, who was behind the wheel in front of that cops sisters house!
Seems like he is standing up to the police union etc, knowing right from wrong and doing what is right

Also I watched him a while back, vote the FBI Joint terrorism task force "out" as they "wanted in" in their Patriot Act top-secret ways.
Tom said nope!

Anyway there are a couple facts