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europe needs help
PDX, you are internationally famous for cross country support. PLEASE provide that support now. We don't need money or anything, just information distribution. Please let people know what is going on in Europe! thankx

Election fraud goes global 11.May.2007 17:44

Jody Paulson

The G8 protests in Germany promise to be very interesting this year.
"G 8, Germany: police declares international protest march on june 7th illegal !"

In the meantime, I found this article about recent worrisome election results in France and Scotland:
"The globalization of electronic election theft"
"In Mexico, leftists contend the recent presidential election there was stolen just as Bush did it in the US, with some of the same personnel pulling it off.

"Now similar cries are coming from Scotland and France. May 3 elections in Scotland using new electronic counting systems resulted in as many as 100,000 votes being classed as "spoilt papers." (About 90,000 such ballots from Ohio 2004 remain uncounted to this day).

"Complex methods of tabulating and weighting the Scottish votes yielded "chaos." Several vote counts were suspended. In some races the tally of rejected ballots was greater than some candidates' winning margin. "This is a temporary interruption to one small aspect of the overall process," says a spokeswoman for DRS, the company responsible for the vote counting technology.

"The language in France has not been so polite. A watershed presidential election has just been won by Nicolas Sarkozy, a blunt right-wing Reagan-Bush-style extremist over the socialist Segolene Royal. Sarkozy is a hard-edged authoritarian whose intense anti-immigrant rhetoric matches his support for the American war in Iraq and his avowed intent to slash France's social service system, including a public health program widely considered among the best in the world."

Badly translated version of Germany's  http://de.indymedia.org:
 link to translate.google.com

Equally bad translation of paris.indymedia.org
 link to translate.google.com

Scotland's indymedia: