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Coercion versus the power of free speech

a refresher course on hacking perceptions
The weather is dryer in the area now, and the Sun is warming things. It's a great time to do rapid postering. Here's one way to do it by yourself (though I'd suggest a lookout at least):

Get a larger (1 qt.+) cheap spray bottle, and fill it half-full with carpenter's glue. Add water to near the top, and shake. Don't do this until you're ready for the action. Get a hammer-type stapler to bring with you as backup for porous surfaces. Buy a jar of sodium silicate for concrete work.

Use clothing or non-related objects to disguise your pre-printed posters and equipment. You can keep the posters rolled if you like. Bright colors, big graphics—make your point, even if it's just "IMPEACH" or "NO WAR" or "DEAD MEN DON'T RAPE" or whatever. Keep it simple. Robbie Conal is a great example of art propaganda technique.

Fingerprints: Remember that we live in the 21st century DNA-sampling amerinazi era, so keep household dust (hair, fibers, etc.) off your poster. Don't touch your posters without gloves; you can photocopy a bundle publicly by only touching (and then discarding) the top and bottom copies. (How about an out-of-town copy place?) Wear clear gloves to the action.

This is how it's done: Check for observers, spray the area to be postered quickly with the glue/water solution, slap the poster on it, spray the poster, quickly rub your gloved hand to press and smear. You're done. Total elapsed time: three seconds. Hit enough surfaces to reiterate the point, then move on to the next area.

The sodium silicate technique is similar, but must be done on flat surfaces. Pour a glob of the stuff on the concrete, slap the poster on it, pour some more on top, smear it on with your glove or shoe (it won't retain the print). This creates a message that will be seen from foot traffic and/or higher floors, and needs a hammer and chisel to remove. (It is possible to experiment with using this stuff to post vertically (by strapping it on while it dries—but it ain't easy... good luck. Who cares about permanence anyway—there's always another warm morning.)

Early morning hours are great; people in this culture, by and large, don't walk to work.. Think creatively about who can see the poster --and under what conditions (a chronic slowdown on the main roads, for example). I put up Conal posters right under the noses of Texas cops, years ago, using this technique. They were looking for a paste-tray and brush. You don't need it.

This sort of thing is essentially harmless, which of course will not prevent the police (or vigilantes) from using it for an excuse to ruin your life with false and/or egregious charges. Or heck, we're talking about Portland area cops here—they might just shoot you dead, and make some successfully lame excuse later. So use caution.

(Also: keep compassion over anger; place the posters effectively, not angrily. Why waste your time? A bit of water soaking with lye will swiftly remove the glued posters, so you're not "destroying" anything, except maybe complacency. And who cares about posters bonded to sidewalks? The sodium silicate bonds to preserve concrete, that's what it's used for; so it's beautification, plus civic improvement.)

This set of techniques is necessary at this time and place, because information—and the attitude that goes with it—is mediated by corporate rule. So you have no way, except maybe bumper stickers, to reach the commuter who watches Fox news or some religious broadcast, and listens to Sean Slantity or Drugs Limbaugh on the radio. She or he may be infuriated at your poster, and its casually disobedient display, but the message will be conveyed, along with a VERY important sub-message:

We will not be silenced nor intimidated.

During this time of change and confrontation, the Republicrat dead-enders must understand that they are not in control. They have very effectively used years of demonization, and terrorizing, beating and false imprisonment, to degrade our right to large protest gatherings. So let them eat posters.


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