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Oregon Wild Acts is PacifiCorpís best Allie in Klamath Dam Fight

Oregon Wild's (formerly ONRC) latest strategic blunder threatens Tribes' chance to save salmon and expand waterfowl habitat
For several years the feds, states, Tribes, farmers, enviros, and fishermen have been locked in negotiations over the fate of Klamath River dams. While Tribes have taken the lead on an aggressive campaign against corporate tyrant PacifiCorp and their owner Warren Buffett, Oregon Wild (formerly known as ONRC) has done little to help the Tribes in their struggle to save their river. The Tribes have repeatedly staged actions in Portland targeting PacifiCorp each requiring an eight hour bus drive to do so. We have never gotten support from Oregon Wild although they are just around the corner. When it comes to ending corporate oppression the guys at Oregon Wild are all talk and no action!

Instead, Oregon Wild has staked out an exclusive moral high ground that Indians, fishermen, farmers and anyone else trying to protect their families' health and income can't reach.

Today Oregon Wild posted an action alert to congress urging activists to oppose the settlement framework developed by Tribes and others. For those of us that actually live and die in the Klamath Basin, this is viewed as the best chance to save our fish, our water quality, and our rural economies. For the 'environistas' at Oregon Wild, they'd rather see Indians driven deeper into poverty than comprise with Farmers. The folks at PacifiCorp must be sending in the donations to these guys by the boatload!

The fact of the matter is that we are very close to the largest river restoration in world history in large part due to the political pressure our protests and actions have put on the company and elected officials and because we have been willing to work with the farm communities in the basin. Our Klamath Settlement Framework specifies dam removal, river flows that would allow salmon to recover, incentives for farmers to develop more wetlands, expands the size of Upper Klamath Lake, and more. Because Oregon Wild has failed to achieve their organizational mission to drive farmers out of the basin, they'd rather see the deal go down in flames than compromise. This means that PacifiCorp and Warren Buffett will be able to continue their extraction of the Klamath's wealth and poisoning of our fishery. Thanks a lot Oregon Wild!

If you fund these jokers or answer their alerts, you may want to reconsider. They may have good intentions, but I've played battleship with four year olds that have a better mind for strategy.

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Sell-out enviros 15.May.2007 17:07

Sliver Thistleprick

Sadly, this is neither the first, nor likely the last of a long list of sell-outs from organizations such as Oregon Wild and their light-green allies.

Sell out? 16.May.2007 16:25


You might want to research the issue before taking the anti-Oregon Wild spin as gospel.

Oregon Wild has been pushing for dam removal on the Klamath River for years, and has sued Pacificorp over violations of the Endangered Species Act. Tucker is upset because Oregon Wild (and other groups) are opposing a "deal" that some in the basin are trying to make with the Bush administration. Some Tribes are willing to go along with permanent agricultural development on the areas' six National Wildlife Refuges, weakened ESA enforcement for fish, and lower water flows for the Klamath River in order to buy the Bush administration and the irrigators' support for dam removal.

Dam removal is important, but it you shouldn't sacrifice other natural resources to get it. And attacking Oregon Wild for defending wildlife refuges from the Bush administration and corporate agriculture is pretty lame.

Oregon Wild's alert is on their website ( http://www.oregonwild.org), or you can go to it directly here:

 link to www.democracyinaction.org

For more information on "the deal" Craig Tucker is trying to defend, read the LA Times article from last week:

 link to www.latimes.com