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What is the Bohemian Grove?

An article about the playground of the elite.
(Taken from New Aeon Journal #5)

When The Bohemian Club was founded back in 1872 The Bohemian Club was not necessarily a sinister thing or idea. Nor was it necessarily sinister in the 1880 is when the Bohemians started going on their retreat. Of course, shortly there after The Grove became something else. A place of elite social cohesion, stroking of patriarchal libidos, and odd rituals the nature of which has never truly been examined from an actual occult perspective. Rather what has taken place is that Abrahamic Conspiricists have simply labeled them Satanic and then criticized them from this rigid perspective. Of course, such a perspective misses the true purpose of them and is sinister of itself.

In this article, we will examine the development of the grove and its transition from a simple gathering of Bohemians to a patriarchal gathering place of the elite. A gathering place, which may remind us of the male only Roman parties of the elite or even those of The Greeks. Further, it is important to focus on which of our world leaders are involved in The Grove and its practices. Not only should we focus on the Rituals but we must also focus on the sort of policy making which takes place at this rich mans camp. It becomes a challenge to nit pick the exact policies which take place at The Grove. Since many special control groups of the capitalist class exist, the first step is to examine in detail function for each. Each is fulfills a specific function in web of Illuminati control more articles will follow discussing all the different organs of The Illuminati.

The Origins of the Bohemian Grove

Of initial importance for our discussion, here is the topic of what exactly is a Bohemian? Firstly, the term Bohemian is a term derived to refer to the inhabitants of The Kingdom of Bohemia located in modern day Czech Republic. The name derives from the Latin term for the Celtic tribe inhabiting that area, the Boii, who were called Boiohaemum in the early Dark Ages. Of course the term was later adopted by the unconventional Bohemian rebellion of artists, poets, and progressives who lived an unconventional and counter Victorian lifestyle. The Term was modernly used in France for a group of people united around Roma Gypsies who became the communities spiritual leaders. It was focused on low rent and impoverished areas of France and was a progressive movement rooted in the occult. A community of people who had reached gnosis. Of course as with every tradition of self empowerment developed by the downtrodden in society the elite want to take it away and exclude it from the people.

In The early Spring of 1872 a small group of San Francisco Journalists, Writers, and Actors who wanted to have a place where they could go and enjoy the arts and put on amateur artistic performances. Shortly after the club was founded they started going on a retreat later called "The Bohemian Grove". Some in the small business community also joined in on this as well. It was out of the need for money that the small community started to invite those with even more money. Little by little and finally by 1879 the Bohemian Club had finally been fully infiltrated by the Elite. This is also about the same time that members of The Skull and Bones Club of Yale began to take over the leadership of the grove. Evidence of this is seen in the fact that the first cremation of care ritual took place in 1880 just 1 year after when in 1979 1 in every 7 member of The club was also found to be part of The Pacific Union Club (Centered around Rich White Male Privilege). Just four years after that 1 in every 5 members was also part of The Pacific Union Club. In 1880 they also purchased 160 acres of meekers grove followed by 120 acres the following year. Land purchases continued till 1944 till it reached its present size of 2,700 acres.

Social Cohesion and Function

As with all special control groups of the Capitalists The Bohemian Grove fulfills a specific function. The groves function is quite obviously a patriarchal fertility festival dedicated to strengthening bonds among the elite. This festival does not include women since the ideology of the elite is that women are less then men in society. Some of The Greek city states had similar male only festivals aimed at solidifying the relationships of men who were part of the leading caste of society. Many of the Abrahamic Conspiricists will point to how this makes them Homosexual yet psychologically speaking they are not. In fact such statements which usually come from Alex Jones and his associates are quite homophobic. The fact of the matter is that psychologically speaking the acts that do take place at the grove involving Gay Porn stars and little boys that are flown in to be sexual slaves for the elite are not done out of them being gay. These things are done out of being Megalomaniacs who have a strong belief in an ideology we call Allegorism. Allegorists believe that anything they can deprive others of and yet keep for themselves is the sole purpose of life for them. It's a psychological sickness really since many of the people who take part in these activities are law makers that tend to oppose these things. Yet the function of The Grove remains to develop a sense of entitlement and avarice for its participants.

Of course the most injurious symbol that truly signifies what the club is all about is the Owl. In classic occultism the Owl was a symbol of knowledge of course the groves owl is a brown owl which in occult symbolism can mean a few things among those being a keeper of knowledge and also cunning like a bird of prey. Its obvious to see what the distortion and meaning for the elite of the owl has become. The symbol as it relates to Bohemian Club means those who prey on others for their knowledge. As with all organs of The Illuminati they practice Dyslightenment which is the opposite of Enlightenment. It is the attack of attempting to steal Zen from another. It's the ultimate vulgarization of the Lord and Bondsmen relationship. To give an example of what would be the most ideal societal situation for the elite let us say that an average worker is hypothetically in some manner micro chipped. Lets say that this micro chipping is done in such a way to where every time the person has a feeling of joy, betterment, Zen or whatever the case may be that rather then them benefiting from it members of the elite get to experience that instead. This would be the ultimate expression of the parasitic nature of the Capitalist over the downtrodden. But further it is the wet dream of the Rockfellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, Murdochs and so on alike. Ultimately it is about stealing knowledge from the downtrodden and the Owl of Prey which is The Groves symbol is the biggest perversion of knowledge. When knowledge for good is in the hands of the elite it becomes knowledge used to maintain order. This would explain why they do rituals around a giant statue of an owl as well. Even more so is the fact that it's a mock human sacrifice which is symbolism of burning whoever to obtain knowledge. Of course we'll go more into the exact nature of this later in the article. We should also note that Bohemian Grove is 99% White in its membership. Among that 1% that is included it would be people like Colin Powell most likely and others who betray and sell out their own culture to get power.

Whose who in The Grove

Firstly we should examine some of the corporations who had directors in 1991 who were also members of The Bohemian Club: Bank of America had 7, Pacific Gas and Electric had 5, AT&T had 4, Pacific Enterprises had 4, First Interstate Bank had 4, Ford Motors had 3, General Motors had 3, and Pacific Bell had 3 (Source:Peter Philips, A Relative Advantage; sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Davis, 1994, p. 77).

Many people from CEOs, Politicians, Lawyers, Military Officers, Doctors, Actors and so on attend the grove. Some of the people who attend and our note worthy enough to mention include; Henry Kissinger, Anderson, Robert A. (President, chairman, and CEO of Rockwell during the development of the Space Shuttle.), Atwater, H. Brewster, Jr. (Chairmen and CEO of General Mills), Bancroft, James R. (Chairman United Nuclear Corporation), Bechtel, Stephen D., Jr. (Chairmen of Bechtel Corporation), George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Jimmy Carter, Richard 'Dick' Cheney, William Jefferson Clinton, Cooley, Richard P. (President and CEO Wells Fargo 1966-1982), Francis Ford Coppolla (director), Clint Eastwood, Dwight D Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Newt Gingrich, Al Gore, Danny Glover (Actor part of the 1% of minorities), Alan Greenspan, William Hewlett (Hewlett Packard co-founder), Thomas W. Johnson (Chairmen and CEO), Robert F. Kennedy, David Rockefeller, Karl Rove, Jack London (Author and Marxist), Neil Morgan (Former editor and columnist for The San Diego Union Tribune), and Mark Twain.

It is hard for anyone to believe that people like this are just getting together to drink and have a male bonding. Rather what is occurring is that many are making plans about how to better work together against the people. It was at The Bohemian Grove that Bush senior first gave a talk in which he mentioned that his son would make an excellent president. This makes it obvious to anyone how Bush Jr. was selected as our president and not elected. The Electoral College system is a sham there is nothing that says it has to go with the popular vote. Frankly, the Electoral College is possibly present at Bohemian Grove every year. Which is the place they may have taken their marching order from as far as who to elect would be. Its obvious Bush and Kerry had the whole thing worked out in advance anyways.

The Misconceptions and Cremation of Care

We do note here firstly that William Domhoff who is an apologist for the grove who would like us to believe that the rich are too drunk too do any sort of conspiring against the public good. Bollocks since anybody whose ever gone out drinking with their buddies and had a conversation about life and how to improve things in their interests knows better. Heck some even get really sloshed and think they are Aristotle for the night yet William Domhoff would have us believe otherwise. It is clear he is an apologist for the grove whose attitude of well their just a bunch of rich boys getting together and drinking is meant to throw us off.

Another misconception that seems popular is that they are a Satanic Order that worship a death god named Moloch. This conception of course comes from The Abrahamic Conspiricists like Alex Jones and Mark Dice (FKA John Conner). Both of them focus on the ritual done at the grove and while some argue that its only purpose is as a tool of social cohesion all of us in the Anti NWO Movement. Both us The Left Wing of Anti NWO Movement and The Right Wing of the movement can agree that the ritual serves more of a purpose then that. The problem is that The Right Wing of the Anti New World Order movement (i.e Alex Jones, Mark Dice, etc) seem to mis label everything. So let us actually examine the ritual from an occult perspective and garner its true purpose. First let us answer Is it Satanic? To answer we must derive look at what the original term Satan means in Hebrew. The term Satan simply means the "adversary of" not adversary of god or adversary of the people or anything other then what is stated. So in truth Alex Jones is saying these people are having Adversarial Rituals such a thing makes no sense. Now what about the so called effigy of Moloch? Is Moloch in actual ancient Death God? The answer of course is no Moloch is a word in Hebrew which means a sacrifice to god according to that old practice the god they would be sacrificing too would be Yahweh or Jehovah. However they would be doing it by the older names and what's ever more interesting is that the name Moloch is very close to the actual name of the effigy they are doing rituals before. The name of the actual death god is Malik that term refers to the ancient Canaanite god EL who was referred to as the god of the storm, and chaos. According to the legends EL had a sense of entitlement he believed that he would be the supreme deity over all other gods one day. His goal was to be the one and make all other gods insignificant. When the Hykos (Canaanite Tribe) invaded the upper kingdom of Egypt they imported with them their god EL. They believed themselves to be the chosen people of EL. When they imported their god to Egypt he also become know as Set. Set according to Egyptian mythology is the God of Chaos, and The Storm some say even the God of Evil. According to Egyptian mythos Set attempted to make Osiris the King of The Gods an Eunuch. Osiris was cast into the underworld where Isis pursued and found him when she brought him back to the surface world she made him whole again using her sorcery. About 1000 years after they arrived their was an exodus of The Hykos from the land of Egypt. Many may know that story as the story of Moses leading slaves out of Egypt. Or course the Egyptians didn't have slavery it was more like serfdom ship then slavery. Later the Hykos renamed their god YHWH or Yahweh which then was Jehovah. They kept the earlier names secret however some of the elite started to receive this privileged information. This of course would eventually lead to several modern day illuminati appendages to worship Malik. In truth it is Malik that is worshipped by The Bohemian Grove not Moloch.

Further on Malik is that he is The Demiurge or as The Gnostics called him The Lion Headed Snake. The early Christians who derived their teachings from Simon The Magus who derived from Judah Thomas (See The Gospel of Thomas) believed that the world had been created by an evil or lesser entity. They believed the universe was made as part of a great cosmic accident and that essentially what was made was a prison for souls. They believed that an evil fabricator also known as "The Architect" (Many Gnostic concepts are used in The Matrix Trilogy) was currently running reality and that it was in his interests to keep the illusion alive. Not just to keep the illusion going but to keep people trapped in it. Beyond that to make people believe he was the one while in fact the one exists on a much higher plane of existence. All this where the things that they believed and one could believe its true. On a side note Free Masons worship the architect of the physical universe so in truth they worship The Demiurge and they know it. Many say the Templar Knights where Gnostic as well but the fact is they follow the Dark Side of Gnosticism which they believe is to worship The Demiurge. So in essence the sacrifice of Dull Care to the demiurge really means that they are asking the Demiurge to burn everything they are worried or care about. The concept then would be that if they all put their mental energy at the effigy of care as their main worries being that of the people say getting to smart and rising up against them. Then it becomes obvious then that they are attempting to use black Magick against the people of this country. In truth the psychology here is that the elite fear the power of the masses so much so that they need a yearly ritual to make them feel better. The entire symbology of the ritual though much of it may have pagan symbolism centers around Malik being the dominating spirit over all else. The ferry used to carry care to the center alter where it is sacrificed in the ritual is another symbolic thing showing the journey of a soul into Hades. A journey across the river Styx to go before Orcus. Orcus was a Greek name for EL in both Greek and Roman mythos he was considered the essence of the abyss itself. There was also a cult organized around his worship in Rome that cult was a precursor to The Knights Templar.

Also the color Red becomes a prominent color worn in this ritual red, black, and white are colors worn in many early necromancy rituals. Red means passion and to the elite it means let passion what whatever you desire drive you. Black in this case means loss and white means purity.

On the other side of this for many years there have been protests at the grove organized by The Bohemian Grove action network. Though the protests are covered by Alex Jones on his DVD The Order of Death he seriously under marks their efforts. He claims that the resurrection of care ritual is some sort of White Magick vs. Black Magick thing. He then criticizes the nature of the ritual itself saying that because part of the invocation is to welcome those coming that it's a sign of them being duped somehow.

Alex Jones of course has no clue about anything related to the occult. In White Magick the way a spell works theoretically is by channeling as much of your own personal good vibes at a person as you can you do this through emotion. So the fact that they were using good emotions towards the people arriving was how they were channeling positive energy. Regardless of whether one believes in Remote Influencing the negative thoughts of the elite do enter the collective unconsciousness at some point and to have a counter weight to that is a good thing. Alex Jones constantly misrepresents the goals and aims of the Illuminati. He uses it to coral people into some Abrahamic Paranoid Conspiracism. When has he ever put forward an alternative system to the capitalist one we live under. One the other hand we would note that Workers World was present at the particular Bohemian Grove Action network demo Jones covered. It makes one wonder what they would have to say about the fact that Jack London was a member of The Bohemian Grove. Marxism obviously doesn't hold the key to what we do about these secret societies but neither does Alex Jones for that matter.

On the same DVD Alex Jones implies that The Celts and ancient Hindu practiced human sacrifices. His so called evidence is the goddess Kali in Hindu because she is a goddess of death the Hindu must be into human sacrifices. On the other hand Kali is a goddess who helps people she has a Yin and Yang and further as with most Polytheisic belief systems the gods are simply just representations of concepts. Life and Death is a concept which exists in our world your born then at some point you die. What that has to do with human sacrifices is beyond me. For the Celts there was some evidence that in the stone age some isolated tribes may have (it's a big may have) participated in some sort of ritual offering. For the most part the Celts believe in some very cool things such as Faery's and Elves spirits of nature. Apparently however Alex Jones dislikes all those things since it doesn't conform to his Abrahamic Conspiracism.

Further most Wiccans I know are not dupes at the bottom of the Illuminati on his DVD he says their structure is one thing and claims that Wiccans are the dupes at the bottom. Well to correct that its true they have that structure but it's The Free Masons who are the dupes at the bottom of The Illuminati. With that said I hope we have clarified for many what Bohemian Grove is really all about.

Towards a New Aeon

While researching this topic many things were obvious to this researcher other revelations came about through meditation. As always the best knowledge is derived by tapping into the collective unconsciousness. In this day many false bringers of answers will emerge claiming to have the answer. This is because we are on the verge of a new dawn the indigo children have all been born already and the next 2 generations to be born as predicted by the Celts are coming into being. The Aztec calendar has already cycled back to its beginning and the Mayan Calendar is close to its completion. While these things predictions may be called mystical they are in fact the result of an advanced understanding of mathematics, astronomy, and the structure of the universe. The bibles so called great revelation is just drawing off of the predictions made by others centuries earlier. Would have been nice if they gave credit to the earlier Pagan religions for making their predictions possible rather then burning them at the stake. But that's been the method of the Illuminati from the get go. Steal from someone get rid of their culture and commit a little genocide so origins can't be discovered then claim whatever they say is the truth. They are all about the dyslightenment of the people and the cult of Abraham is about "Submission To The Demiurge". Yet it doesn't have to be this way we do not have to submit to the great capitalist demiurge of the masons and the Abrahamics. The less are duped by the dark matrix the less power the illusion has over our lives. A New Aeon is dawning and we are the conquering children of that New Aeon. We can empower ourselves and free our Tonalli from the lies and misinformation. We can be The Luminaire together outside the cave in the light of true existence beyond the bulwark mechanistic same old grind. We can find higher existence we can reach enlightenment we can free our hearts, minds, and souls from the illusion of a capitalist god and we can stop being guided back towards the same capitalist god we need to be free from by false prophets. The very tool which is the source of our own plight cannot become the solution to plight it itself caused in the first place. Its like saying you can fix a broken car with a stick of dynamite. Together we can be the Faery, Angels, and Valkyre's of light bringing world liberation to a planet of nightmares and dyslightenned existence under a capitalist demiurge.

address: address: www.myspace.com/gnosticpagan

Tilting With Windmills 15.Sep.2007 10:59

Mark Walter Evans markwalterevans@sbcglobal.net

As the author of the original article [published simultaneously, in July 0f 1993, in the Santa Rosa Sun as "Inside Bohemian Grove," and in the North Coast Xpress as "Bohemian Bigwigs Perpetuate Canaanite Cult,"] that suggested an equation - of sorts - between the "Owl of Bohemia" and Molech, I'd like to put my own two cents into the pot.

In the first place, I am glad that the occult nature of the "Cremation of Care" ceremony has begun to receive the attention that it deserves. The Masters of War at the Bohemian Grove are nasty customers, and all their works are evil. On this point, both the Left, and the Right wings of the anti- New World Order forces, can agree.

I wish to say that when I wrote the article, I did not mean to make a literal equation of the "Owl of Bohemia" with Molech, but a figurative one, stressing the simularities, and announcing the continuity of a "cult of Sacrifice," on a Symbolic level. That many fundamentalist Christians have run with this thesis, and taken the equation literally, is an intersting phenomenon -- but I was more inclined to draw a simile that to starkly declare it was "Molech" his-self.

I am glad that Alex Jones has made his video exposing the Grove -- flawed though it may be. As for the schism between Wiccans who oppose the NWO, and persons. like Alex Jones, whom you have termed the "Abrahamic" persuasion, yes, it is a real distinction. My own spiritual convictions as a born-again Judeo-Celt, mischling of the second degree, place me squarely within the "Abrahamic" camp. But if you will read my article, "Bohemian Bigwigs Perpetuate Canaanite Cult," at the website, www.PaleoProgressives.org, you will find a child of Abraham who is against Monopoly Capitalism, as it stands, who recognizes the reality of the Class War, and who has proposed a simple solution to end Capitalism, in a peaceable and sane manner -- an Amendment to the Federal Constitution, that fixes the systemic problem inherent in the Constitution of 1787.
-- Sincerely,
Mark Walter Evans

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