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Fouad Kaady Remembered, Again

According to the latest read out from You Tube, "28 Seconds: The Killing of Fouad Kaady" ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/04/358395.shtml) has now been downloaded and viewed at least 587 times. If you have not yet done so, now is the time to view it for yourself.
Cat has done a much more thorough job of telling how this young man was murdered by the police than I could ever hope to do. It should be required viewing for anyone who ever hopes to make this world a better place. Of course, if you were fortunate, as I and so many others were, and able to view the film in it's entirety, on a large screen, with a lot of other company, so much the better.

I know that the film will be re screened many times in this area, and you really NEED to see it.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, if at all, but the Gerry Spence Law Firm ( http://www.spencelawyers.com/) felt strongly enough about this case to take it on, free of charge. For someone of this stature to do so adds a great deal of cache' to what we have been saying here on PDX Indymedia for the entire nineteen months since the murder took place.

Anyone not yet familiar with this case, PLEASE take the time to view the film. There are five segments, and you should view them as linked to the above link, since there is a poorer copy circulating on you tube, and you really need to see the original.

Fouad, we will not forget you, and we thank Cat, and all of the other people at PDX Indymedia who have helped to keep your memory alive.

Oh, and by the way, you will never, EVER see this story reported accurately on main stream media. Indy Rocks!

Viva la underground 11.May.2007 01:43

Madam Hatter

We will never forget Fouad.

Indie rocks because of great people like Cat, Olwen, and you, Lew, who have truly inspired me to speak out and become involved. To you three, and the many other talented, dedicated citizen journalists and activists here - too many to list, to be sure - I also thank you all. It's sad but true that we have to resort to seeking out and telling the truth ourselves. But it's true, and so we must. Viva la IndyMedia!

I was one of the fortunate to see Cat's film on the big screen and in it's entirety with you all, and I must say it left me speechless. I've followed this case very closely almost from the beginning and thought I knew the worst of it. I expected to be saddened and angry again after seeing the film, but I was shocked. Video is so much more powerful than the written word. You really can't grasp the real horror of it all until you hear these people talking and see the photos. If you haven't viewed it yet, please do.

Any word on a DVD yet? I've got a burner if you need help making copies. I'll blanket Sandy with as many as I can afford. There's a lot of rather computer-illiterate folks up here who'd be more likely to watch it in the privacy of their own home than online at the public library - which is right next to the cop shop!

Many thanks 13.May.2007 17:48


Thank you for all your support, and your incisive journalism, Hatter! Get in touch with me, if you can (I have emailed you with negative results). Again, thanks.