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Fascism in Aberdeen-Help us stand up to the government tomorrow

Please HELP us!
We are here, in Aberdeen, getting ready for shit to go down. Today there was the first little rally. We got together at a nearby boat launch, marched on the street to the port where we could see the death machines and then dispersed. The whole time we were surrounded by cops. I talked to a woman who had lived in Aberdeen for 50 years and she had never seen anything like it before. Today was EXTREMELY low key and still the police were all over us. Remember, this is a really small town. I expect this shit in Seattle and Portland. I learned to expect it in places like Tacoma. But Aberdeen!
Anyway...firstly, before I tell you anymore:

COME TO ABERDEEN ON SUNDAY! There is a car pool leaving from Olympia at the corner of Harrison and Division. Be there at 12:30 to get a ride. There is a bus to Aberdeen that leaves from the Olympia Transit Center. Check the Gray's Harbour Transit website for times. We are meeting, in Aberdeen, at the 28th Street landing at 2 pm. Directions to meeting spot are in a previous post on this site.

Now, on with the story. We were all at a taqueria eating lunch. Some of us went out to have a smoke. One of us found a bunch of broken toys behind the taqueria dumpster. One of the toys was an orange tipped plastic gun. The individual picked it for 15 second, we all giggled and the individual put it back. Within 2 minutes, the cops were there, 8 cruisers with two pigs each, respnding to a "person carrying a gun."
They were watching us the whole time, found an excuse to harass us and swarmed in. We gave them buckets of shit and humiliated them. The workers in the taqueria were on our side and the pigs took off.
Later, a group of us went to a punk show. The owner had told us we could speak for a few minutes in order to spread word of the action tomorrow. Right before the break between sets, the pigs showed up and told the owner of the venue that if he let us speak they would send the riot squad in and bust up the show. The owner yelled at them, calling them nazis, fascists, pigs. The cops did more to spread the word than we did. The owner told us it'd be best to leave and we understood.
Again...this is Aberdeen we're talking about. Yes, they're redneck piece of shit cops. But they are getting a shit load of help from everywhere. They knew a lot of us before we got there from all those miles of tapes they had. Luckily, being dumb hicks, they gave themselves away. We KNOW they are listening to our conversations, we KNOW they are tracking us through our cell phones and we KNOW they studied the tapes from previous actions. So now we, and you, know what not to do tomorrow.
Small towns are being militarized the same way cities have been in the past. This is the pattern. Small police forces are being taught tactics they havent used for decades, tactics they use when there is large scale discontent.

Come to Aberdeen on Sunday and help us.

In Earnest,
Ray Kavick