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Million Marijuana March to day in Portland

Today medical and recreational users (and those who support them) gathered at high noon to march and demand legalization.
story here

legalization 06.May.2007 22:48

is great concept

but the cloning of action names like.."Million......March" is a bit over the top.
truth in advertising..did a million show up?

MySpace??? 07.May.2007 06:30


You know, I would really prefer if people would post the stories here, rather than just linking to some myspace page. Myspace is part of the corporate police state. It's a commercial site, so I won't be clicking on the link. (It's also foolish to post a lot of the things that people post there. The FBI reads it just to learn who is afiliated with whom, what organizations they belong to, and etc.) I'd love to read your story, though, if you'd like to post it here to this (commercial-free, non-corporate) site.