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Feds Play Terrorism Card in Oregon Green Scare Case

Federal prosecutors filed a motion in the District of Oregon Friday asking Judge Ann L. Aiken to lengthen the prison sentences of a group of 10 defendants convicted of eco-sabotage in a series of actions beginning in 1995. Prosecutors argue that the defendants constitute a terrorist network and that sentences agreed to during plea negotiations are subject to a "terrorism adjustment" under the United States Sentencing Guidelines Manual of 2000.

Judge Aiken will hold a hearing in her Eugene courtroom on May 15 to discuss the government's motion. Aiken will finalize prison terms for the defendants beginning May 22.

The 159-page Sentencing Memorandum filed Friday is the most detailed document to date on the government's version of the story. A copy of the memorandum obtained from the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is attached in PDF format.

have to justify the funding for the boys with their toys 05.May.2007 22:19


Was about to read this and before I do, wanted to bet myself publically that this document cites nothing about the funding congress has given the Gman to find these Saboteurs. Just a suggestion, talk to non political criminal defense attornies about their handling of serious violent felonies and ask them how many times in their defense they hear the word terrorist. It's probably non existent in their day to day work. They might point out to you, that Gmen or law enforcement's priorities are based on funding they get through grants. Grants or funding of law enforcement activities are based on politics, not what best serves society. Thus, all this funding went into finding the saboteurs and they now need to hold these convictions out at the next congressional hearing to get more funding. Wouldn't want that funding to go into the feds budget for researching endangered species or protecting watersheds, need to justify those goons with their guns and the trampling of the first amendment. Gotta whoop up the frenzy. Oh, one more thing, arsons, 40% of them are caused by firefighters. I don't see firefighters who turn to become arsonist being called terrorists. This is political all the way to houston on to Hill & Knowlton's coffers.

imagine homocide detectives having 40% of peers being culpable for the dead 05.May.2007 22:40


could you imagine if 40% of homocides where done by the detectives themselves. guess firefighter arsonists aren't considered terrorists. wonder if that would change if the public knew the facts involving what really happens during criminal investigations and what is used to triumph justifications to budgets.

Meyerhoff almost killed Paul? 07.May.2007 07:28


In this document showing the assembles bibliographies of the people who were caught, and sentencing guidelines, it was the first place that I read that Stanislas Meyerhoff actually started driving over to Jonathan Paul's house with the intention of shooting him. Talk about poor 'security culture'. It makes him look like the most troubled and unscrupulous individual, by some extent. This, and the Meyerhoff court transcript also clearly show that Meyerhoff is regarded as talking openly as soon as he was detained. Yet the sentencing guidelines don't list any mitigating factors in his case, and he has the longest suggested sentence of 15 years. Of course, he played a more serious role.

For someone who hasn't been keeping up with this case, is this new information, that some members of this group hated each other so much that one wanted to murder another one, or did that previously come out? Also, to what extent did they reduce the sentences for their behavior?

reply to m 17.May.2007 15:25

not m

Kolar was included because she was involved with Cavel West, one of the OR crimes. Lacey was only indicted for WU.