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What is happening
Joseph Walsh
Lone Vet, Portland

May 5, 2007, 11:07 AM

There are a few times to smile. I have had many in the last few weeks, let me share a few with you.

I stopped by the community court to lend some support to the woman and men who were charged for demonstrating in front of the recruiting station on Broadway. Some were given community service and others were notified they would be tried in other courts for additional charges like blocking the doorways or writing things on the building. I had the same feeling, watching the ADA and the judge go through the motions, as I did when I was sentenced to 8 hours of community service---Here I am before a judge to be punished for trying, in a non-violent way, to stop this madness called the occupation of Iraq, and Bush (The pretend president) is on vacation. The world has gone mad. I like being around the grannies---- they make me feel like something is happening.

Another wonderful moment for me was during Friday night when I was getting ready for work; I was listening to Mike Malloy. Mike was allowing kids to call in; he wanted kids between the ages of 13 to 17 to call and talk about anything they desired. A person named Ethan called from Portland, Oregon. I wanted to hear what Ethan had to say, and it made my night of work full of pride and joy. Ethan stated he thought that we should move ahead on impeaching Bush and Cheney because it would send a message to future presidents that there are consequences when you violate the constituion and commit crimes. Ethan in less than five minutes made more sense than all the politicians put together for the last six years. Made me smile!

Let me go back for a moment to my 8 hours of community service for refusing to leave Gordon Smith's office. The judge sent me to Fish to serve my time. I did not know what Fish was but it had something to do with feeding the poor. WOW!!!!!!!!

I completed my required eight hrs and was so impressed with the people there I now spend Fridays with them for a few hours to get emergency food to the people in great need. They are everything that I would like to be, kind--generous--patient--loving. There is a great need for more volunteers to help get this food to the people who line up for help. This is a great way to satisfy a dilemma for me. I have always wondered if an activist can enjoy the very things that he/she is fighting to accomplish. Sometimes we get so busy planning the next event, working out all the detals, calling and contacting people, we forget to do something simple---just share.

If you can come and give a few hours, you will be surprise how much more energy you have for this long fight for justice and peace in the world. You can go to their web site:


Phone: (503) 233-5533

My next adventure in causing trouble will be to stand outside a play, opera, ballet or movie on Thursday nights with a sign that says the war goes on, with the numbers of casualties, both the Iraqis and ours.

Take care and be careful,

In peace and hope

Lone Vet, Portland, Oregon

homepage: homepage: http://www. squadron13.com

Yes, something is happening 05.May.2007 14:46

Jody Paulson

and you're part of it! Everybody can be, if they take the time to contribute a little part of themselves to help others.

I heard that show too, and I was really impressed with a lot of those young people. I don't remember if it was Ethan or not, but I remember Mike asking one young man, "What do you think we should do, assuming we can't impeach these guys?" And he said something like, "Get active! Go out there and do something! Call your representatives ... (etc.)" I was really impressed with that. If that was you, Ethan, and by any chance you happen to be reading this, GREAT JOB, I know you influenced a lot of people with those inspiring words.