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Police Riot in LA

There was a Police Riot on May Day. Usually the police and the media work together, but not this time so the media strikes back.
We are Up Against the Wall!! The LAPD attacked families, journalists and.. well, whoever was in their way, this May Day. All information coming in is saying that this was a Police Riot.





more video... also, over 600 workers arrested in Turkey on May Day.. (((please repost - the word needs to get out!!)))

Take all police to trial until they name the offciers involved. 05.May.2007 09:34


All LA police need to be put on trial until we have the id of the officers seen on video.

The Ch. 9 video link, topmost will make you feel sick.

summary: All the professionals from the press reported the same story. They and the crowd were no threat to the police.

prediciton: In a few months, no officers will be found guilty because on video all of the officers look the same. Nobody will be able to identify any individual cop. No cop will suffer any consequence from these police riots on May 1, 2007.

Solution #1: Put all LA police staff on trial, under oath, to get the names of the officers who were involved.

solution #2: Have all officers in LA and Portland, at all times wear numbers and letters like football players. Numbers would be large, and seen on the front and back of body, and helmet. Fast forward to 2008. A TV station has a tape recording of another TV station person being beaten, on the audio we hear the live commentary.

Here is what next year's video and audio might sound like:

"Hey Bob, look at Sue from Telemundo getting creamed by number 46W, boy oh
boy, can we get that on instant replay? I think 46W was recruited in the first
round from Texas A&M where he broke records for most teargasing of migrants
in one season. Holy crap, I can't wait for the post season trials to begin. 46W is
going to lose his job, house, SUV and spend 20 years behind bars. The supreme
court ruled cops can not be sued if they make you a quadraplegic in a high speed
chase, but beat innocent press and protesters and you can be sued. No police
protection can save you now 46W.