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Global Warming Can't Be Solved Without Total Reform of the Automakers

They are on a collision course with global warming and endangering everyone else on the planet.
Even at this late date, the automakers have yet to sell so much as just one plug-in hybrid.

Not that that's going to save the planet. By itself it won't.

The world simply must transition from the Internal Combustion Engine to Electric Drive.

Nothing short of that can halt the advance of Global Warming.

The longer they delay, the sooner the automakers must be transitioned from internal for-profit management to non-profit organization/non-governmental organization control complete with citizen oversight.

der 05.May.2007 09:04


What the world must do, which is the thing no politician will talk about, is transition to consuming less.

Contrary to all the voices (like The Nation magazine) saying we can grow the economy and save the environment too, this is not possible.

btw, the manufacture of a car creates as much environmental pollution and global warming gases as driving the thing.

Any formula which does not start out with using less front and center, is just another blinded industry led scam

Why the silence on the methane, the military... 05.May.2007 09:45


Another concern is the methane problem. WHY all the silence on this?
What about the pollution created by wars and the military tests? No one wants to go near the bullies and what they are doing to the planet. World renown scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell has stated in her books that the military has been one of the worst polluters and contributors to the global warming with their on going tests high up in the atmosphere.
Until the military is cut off all funding for research and put under public control, she says - we are doomed. We need some BRAVE, ETHICAL and well-informed men in the military and in government to take a stand against wars and the tests and join the people in their efforts to save the planet.

Methane and CO2 05.May.2007 16:09


The leading cause of green house gases is the production of meat specifically cattle. every time you order a Big Mac at Macdonalds or a whopper at burger king you are contributing to the destruction of life on earth.