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The Circus is Coming!

C.i.r.c.a Boredom Patrols traveling Circus is coming to Portland tomorrow, May 5th, with workshops and performances at the Watershed in SE at 5040 SE Milwaukee St from 5pm till 10pm. A major theme of the workshop/performance is immigration and gathering of support for the upcoming NoBorder Camp in 2007.

Come down for the "Subvert Everthing Workshop" which is a clowning skillshare from 5pm to 8pm OR come for the Circus Performance from 9pm to 10pm.... you'll see Lion Taming, Tightrope walking, the Theater of the Oppressed and Subversion! All donations will go to the No Borders Camp which will be the second week of November 2007. More info: www.deletetheborder.org/nobordercamp.
We are C.I.R.C.A because we live in the borderlands always in between, on the edge of the nation state, mischevously ambigous. www.circasd.org