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immigration | political theory may day 2001-2007

Immigration reform?

What with mayday going around and all, I've been hearing a lot of talk about immigration reform, and I'm still baffled.
Why is it that people still feel immigration control needs to be "reformed?" I take great issue with this, because as far as I'm concerned, no form of immigration control, or national border, however 'well reformed' is ever worth supporting. Do you really feel like it is just to deny ANY person access to ANY part of this earth on which they were born? Do you think it is right to deny ANY Mexican citizen the right to cross "our borders?" If you said "no," then you probably understand where I'm going already. If you said yes, if you feel there are some good reasons to control or deny Mexican access in particular across the US border, ask yourself why that is. Because "they" will take your job from you? Because "they" will leach off of the "national health care system" (what a joke)? Because "they" will destroy the sanctity of a state issued drivers license? Would "reforming" US immigration policies somehow make you feel differently about "legal" Mexican immigrants? It seems to me that many 'liberal minded' people are scared of losing all the nice things that they have; their SUV with liberal environmental stickers on the bumper, their brand new energy-efficient washer, dry, and dishwasher that take money off their electric bill, their apartment/duplex/home that would fit multiple families or even entire state buildings in other countries. So the only real answer to the 'immigration issue' is to take it with a "democratic" mind-set, while still maintaining your privilege and wealth.

"Of course we shouldn't be killing these people as they cross the border, and that whole fence thing sounds like the Berlin wall. But we couldn't just let people move around nilly-willy. So we should reform the policies. Find a more humane way to keep them out of here. Give them a chance to make it legally if they're able to make it through the years and years of red tape. Then we'll know that they're willing to work just as hard as the rest of us AMERICANS!"

Wealth needs to start going back to the hands that make it. Food needs to be feeding the bodies that produce it. The US and other 'developed' nations have been damming up the wealth of the world into absurdly small spaces, and that dam (national borders) is about ready to burts. It's already overflowing! So think about it tonight over dinner at the table or on the sofa. Why do you want to reform immigration control when we could just do away with it altogether and let the earth's wealth flow free form? What (or who) would it really hurt?