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Mayday: Riots in ISTANBUL

In Istanbul, Turkey, mayday protests turned into heavy riots when police tried to stop several thousand protesters to reach central Taksim-place in Istanbul where in 1977 500 000 people celebrated mayday and where police-snipers killed 36... Nevertheless 3000 protesters entered the place. [read more >>]

Mayday, Germany: anti-nazi rally turns into heavy riots

Germany, Dortmund. Thousands of antifascists gathered in Dortmund on tuesday afternoon to protest against 1500 neo-nazis who traditionally try to use mayday for fascist propaganda. After the police declared the anti-fascist protest illegal and tried to desperse it, the protest turned into heavy riots. [read more >>]

Mayday Switzerland: riots, fire bomb attacks on banks, courts, and police stations

After many hours of streetfighting between protesters and police, people began to attack banks, private companies, courts, police stations and cars of the rich with fire bombs and paint bombs. countless windows were smashed... police and media in switzerland are shocked. no one expected such an angry mass. [read more >>]