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Mayday: Riots in ISTANBUL

In Istanbul, Turkey, mayday protests turned into heavy riots when police tried to stop several thousand protesters to reach central Taksim-place in Istanbul where in 1977 500 000 people celebrated mayday and where police-snipers killed 36.
The turkish state tried to stop mayday protests with 17 000 police.

Revolutionary unions like DISK, revolutionary parties, serveral autonomous groups and individuals managed to go to Taksim-place. Police reacted brutal, pepper-sprayed the masses and captured 580. At least 4 were severly hurt.

Nevertheless 3000 protesters entered the place.

Another 1000 people started to streetfight with police in Istiklal street.

In Okmeydani, part of Istanbul, 1000 people built barricades against police and tried as well to enter Taksim-place. Although police shot with rubber bullets, police did have to return and lost this fight.

Whole parts of Istanbul were full with teargas and fightings. police even used police-tanks to get in control of the situation.

Up to now it is unknown where the caputured people are brought to by police.


istanbul 02.May.2007 14:06


Anarchy in the taksim...

mayday switzerland: attacks on banks, courts, police stations 02.May.2007 18:15


You never hear about this stuff ... 03.May.2007 17:06

Jody Paulson

from the American press. This is one of the reasons I miss Global Indymedia so much (it used to have a very active newswire). If it weren't for Portland Indymedia, I'd be next to clueless about the struggles of workers around the world. Yet none of us live in a vacuum.

Thanks for making these international stories a feature. It's important for Americans to know about these kinds of things to help us understand the bigger picture behind what's going on here at home.

more pics 04.May.2007 02:35