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Impeachment Day report from San Francisco

Report on Impeachment Day events from San Francisco on A28
Well, I just want to report we had a lot of fun here in San Francisco on A28. First, I went to the second "beach impeach" event where over a thousand people wrote "Impeach Now!" in the sands of Ocean Beach with their bodies. It was a perfect day for it -- the weather was awesome. There was free food, a festive atmosphere, and a great marimba band called Sadza many people danced to after our picture was taken. If you look carefully at the photo you'll see the letter "C" is mostly pink for ladies from Code Pink, and I believe the exclamation mark is made up of "World Can't Wait" people who dressed in orange jumpsuits to protest torture.

After the beach impeach event, around 40 of us (mostly from Code Pink) marched around 6 miles to Camp Pelosi [  link to pelosiwatch.org ] I'm also happy to report there was a strong 9-11 truth movement contingent both at the Beach Impeach event and at Camp Pelosi.

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Pictures 01.May.2007 19:29


Beach Impeach
Beach Impeach
Everyone wave!
Everyone wave!
On our way to Nancy's house
On our way to Nancy's house

From Portland Code Pink and Surge Protection 01.May.2007 21:47

Pink Panther

Well Done! I spotted that pink C right away! Great action.

More Pics 02.May.2007 07:38