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imperialism & war | media criticism may day 2001-2007

Surge Protection Brigade provides metro area with “the news the media won’t tell you.”

The Oregon Extra, a special Peace Edition, was inserted into over a thousand copies of The Oregonian today. The single page insert was created and distributed by the Surge Protection Brigade (aka the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies) as a May Day protest. The Extra spotlights subjects that mainstream media will not cover, such as the dangers and casualties of depleted uranium, the truth behind the lies told by military recruiters and how big media's failure to act as a watchdog has failed the American people.
One of many Oregonian boxes with a little Extra news on May 01
One of many Oregonian boxes with a little Extra news on May 01
PDF of Oregon Extra
PDF of Oregon Extra
A vigilant press is necessary to a vibrant democracy; at the moment, we have neither. When the "Voice of the Northwest" (The Oregonian) fails us, it is time to speak for ourselves. Martha Odom of the Surge Protection Brigade says, "On the fourth anniversary of the Bush costume propaganda piece proclaiming 'Mission Accomplished,' we cannot ignore the media's complicity in the Iraq quagmire. The lives of countless thousands, both military and civilian, have been sacrificed. Their blood is on the hands of all who do not oppose this war, and especially on the hands of those who help promote it."

The Surge Protection Brigade organizes regular nonviolent protest actions in the area. Some include opportunities for civil disobedience; all are peaceful and designed to promote dialogue about war and violence. The Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our elected officials are not responsive to the majority of American voters who want the Iraq occupation to end.

Has anyone ever told you 01.May.2007 09:52


How much you ROCK? I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for the SPB/SPOGs. We appreciate everything you do! Sleep well today!

Awesome ! 01.May.2007 12:11

V & G

There are people who talk and complain , and there are people who get out there and DO SOMETHING ! You guys are awesome !

Such Good News! 01.May.2007 12:29


You have given a lift to my heart with this action. Thank you so much for all of your good work.

Great idea 01.May.2007 13:08

Jody Paulson

Thanks for sharing it!

This is terrific 01.May.2007 16:05


Thanks so much for all your great work.

peacemakers insert the news 01.May.2007 18:52

Joe Anybody

thank you grannies

Wisdom = organizing for peace and health 01.May.2007 19:45


You all represent what to me is part of the Universal Healing Life Force Energy.... the power to organize materially and subtley to bring about peaceful co-existence, healthy systems at home, in the community, the world. Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you! ENGEE

I am in awe 02.May.2007 04:52


What a stellar idea! You guys are the best!