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community building may day 2001-2007

Help from Food Not Bombs on MAYDAY?

does anyone have some of those containers and some large cookingpots
and some spoons/forks that could be borrowed for the food at the watershed event on mayday
stuff to feed around 100 people ?
donations of food could help too
if you can help let me know please

here is some info on the event
please feel free to call or email
chops 503 432 3380

Time 8:30 pm - 2:00 am
Title Watershed, Sin Fronteras, and Students for Unity May Day Gathering
Location 5040 SE Milwaukie Ave
Topic / Issue Other
Starting at 8:30pm, all-ages, $2-5 donations nobody turned away for lack of funds. Free food, and alot of groups tabling. Bringing together Anti-capitalist Anti-Authoritarian Community.




Drunken Boat

Here Comes a Big Black Cloud

The Marsupials

FnB supplies at liberty hall 30.Apr.2007 12:09


There are some gigantic pots at liberty hall for FnB cooking, I'm pretty sure if someone signed them out in the notebook there and promised to get them back it would be fine to use them.