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May Day 2007 - Requests for Documentary Contributions on May 1

Call for contributions - May Day 2007 Documentary
My name is Mark Cooley. I am an artist, media
producer and professor of art and visual technology at
George Mason University, USA. I've recently begun a
series of internet documentary and journalism programs
entitled Calling America. The series covers various
progressive events, issues and movements by setting up
collective and participatory journalism platforms
using new communications technologies. Please see the
Calling America website at

Call for Contributions
Calling America: Walk Out - May Day '07

Calling America is currently looking for contributors
for an upcoming program on May 1. We wish to collect
the voices of individuals who are participating in May
Day strikes, walkouts, boycotts and similar actions to
record their reasons for doing so and to act as
reporters on May Day events. Calling America
contributors will be delivering spoken word
testimonies, stories and reports on May 1 via
telephone from diverse locations. Contributions will
form the basis of a collective audio blog which will
develop live throughout the day on May 1 and
afterwhich permanently archived on the Calling America
web site.

Please reply to  flawedart@yahoo.com if you wish to
contribute to this project.

How to contribute to this project:

Call May 1 at any time of the day or night. Speak up
to 30 minutes. At the beginning of your call please
state your name (first name is fine) and location
(state and city).

dial: 1-214-615-6431

enter PIN: 172-831-030#

Press 1 to record and publish

Enter Blog ID 1008#

You can record a message up to 30 minutes in length.

When you are through recording press #

Follow prompts:
Preview, 1
Re-Record, 2
Save and Publish, 3
Delete, 4

Listen to Walk Out audio moblog entries @

Visit the Calling America site at

Poor cell phone reception or background noise (like
wind) may result in lower quality recordings. Speak
clearly and directly into the mouthpiece for best

Mark Cooley at flawedart@verizon. net

Please forward to others who may be interested in
participating. Efforts to translate and forward to
non-english speaking individuals is greatly
appreciated. All languages welcome to participate.

homepage: homepage: http://www.flawedart.net/callingamerica