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Are you stalking me or I am I stalking you...There are always more of us.
You're stalking me,
or am I stalking you?
You're following me around
sssshutting down every mom and pop in town,
KKKilling our kids (obesity, pollution, chemical company drug cocktails)
KKKilling their kids (starvation, factories, and aids)
You're stocking me.
You're putting us in your prison shelves.
You put on our name tags,
make us smile funny,
follow us around our stores
in our neighborhoods,
make us feel funny---------------------
"Hey did you see that boy over there?
Do you really think he has money to pay
for that?"
--------"What if he were to steal?"
What crime
for stalking us,
stalking us,
stalking us to the ends of the earth????
----Are you following me?-----
Each time you get closer to the reservation
You lower the minimum wage?!!!
You said!
"Do you really think she has money to pay for that?"
***Are you stalking me or am I stalking you?****
Your stocks had plummeted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But then the government decided
Ccccccccorpoor'ations should have a higher law"
Than the ones created by the PEOPLE
And for the PEOPLE
(Forever, Amen) (hand over my heart)
But that they should form the WTO
Which illegalizes governments
Protecting themselves from International trade laws that would interfere
With a company's ???RIGHT??? to profit
What are you putting on my shelves?
(Capitalism?????? How dare you call it that???????????????????)
Are you stalking me?
What is it that you want me to buy from you?
Who are you?
What have you done?
Are you pushing us off our LAND
In every NEIGHboorhood ,,,,,,,,
You will find a new mcdonalds stand
--------------------------------------------------Why can't you quit following me-------------------
Stop harassing me for tariffs and taxes
Stop stalking me,
Can't you see I am too poor?
I can't pay for this anymore!
Stop following me,
I KNOW your secret surveillance systems walmart!
I KNOW you watch me on your TV screen!
Am I entertainment?
Am I reality TV?
------------AT&T (the new cingular,)
You sent me a bill after you spied on me
Trying to buy a mom and pop store,
You then shot my deal down and charged me--------------
(prison without sentence, without judge, jury, or charge)
You call it FREE trade
But it AIN'T free for me,
You sent this stocker
To stalk me in your stores
Look, the person of color is shopping
Look the person has a backpack
Look that person is in a wheelchair
Look that person is mentally handicapped
Look that person is in
Your EYES.