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What's going on May Day?

Haven't seen any dates or times, but I can't wait to come.
So last year's May Day was wonderful, with great speakers and everything. My kids and I have made some wonderful signs to hold, but we don't know when to show up. Can anyone help me out or post some more info in case I just didn't see it earlier. Thanks!

May day 26.Apr.2007 20:59


The mayday rally will begin at 4 may 1st (obviously) at the south park blocks on SW salmon (basically where the m18 march was). It's supposed to be big I'm surprized there isn't more about this

A lot is going on 26.Apr.2007 22:58


First there is the rally for Immigrants Rights in the South Park at 4PM, then the march at I assume 5ish. At 7 there will be a party at Liberty Hall, and at 8:30 there will be a Portland Sin Fronteras (anti-authoritarian Latin America solidarity group) party/show at the Watershed Collective located on SE Milwaukie Ave. just across the bridge that goes over McLaughlin. There is also at least one May Day house party happening. And, just my suggestion, if you can't party late set off some fireworks with friends or family 4th of July style. May Day is a holiday after all.