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The Supremes have set up a passage to misery (portion of comments from KBOO PressWatch for 4-19-07)
The festering corruption that now passes for Federal government has now struck at more than half the US population with the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a law forcing completion of pregnancy after the second semester of gestation. Dilation and extraction of a fetus is now banned in the United States, thanks to Justices Alito and Roberts, who should never have been selected by an unelected usurper to the White House; add to the two illegitimate judges the consistently theocratic and fascist Scalia and Thomas, and top it off with Justice Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion, and you have a perfect example of what happens when corruption overwhelms a nominally democratic system. Scalia and Thomas should have been impeached, convicted and removed long ago, for their unconstitutional meddling in the 2000 Presidential vote count.

The legitimization of forced pregnancy goes a long way, hand in hand with the normalization of rape (as we see in the Armed Forces), to crush women and to hand them a certificate of second-class citizenship. Now all those who, despite the Supreme Court majority's absurd and unscientific claim, face medical difficulty continuing their pregnancy must face death or injury as they are forced to gestate the holy, sanctified, religiously elevated fetus. As soon as that fetus is born, however, it can live in poverty and disease and eventually die in a war, so far as the Christian Right is concerned. And let no one doubt that it is the Bible-thumping patriarchalists who are crowing over their victory now.

This pro-forced-pregnancy decision will, of course, primarily strike down women who do not have the money to cross the border into Canada. As the Bushites move forward with their anti-woman agenda, more legislation forcing completion of pregnancy will appear. In all probability, a new underground railroad will have to form, especially since the Bushites have made travel to Canada more difficult for all. Clandestine and amateur abortion providers will worsen the risks.

Evidently, it will take a revolution or at least a constitutional Restoration to set things right. Right-wing fringe groups need to understand that their religious ideas and prohibitions should stay within their heads, rather than be imposed on the general population. The fact is, Biology has given women the choice and the power of life or death over their pregnancies. Men do not have this power, and should not. This power infuriates those who would subjugate women, but it will always be there, whether it is deemed legitimate or not. And that's as it should be.

sacred heart in eugene is guilty 20.Apr.2007 07:48

kirsten anderberg kirstena@resist.ca

While we are on this topic, I would like to testify first hand that Sacred Heart in Eugene, will try to DELAY giving the morning after pill to women until they are pregnant. I MEAN IT. I went there in 2000 with an appt with my own doctor, telling him there had been a problem with a condom, we were worried and I wanted to make sure by taking the pill, and it was the first time I had ever asked a doctor for this pill, and I had no history of irresponsible sexual behavior whatsoever...I have not had multiple abortions, I have only one child and he was 15 at that time, it was odd that when I went to the doctor appt as scheduled, the doctor was not there. They said I had to come back the next day. I mentioned it was a 3 day pill, I needed to get it within 3 days. The 2nd day, I went to the appt and was told to wait. I waited an hour then was told I could not have the prescription because I had not had it before!!!! I got angry and we bickered back and forth, they told me to come back the next day, I refused and demanded to see administrators. The administrators told me that I needed to come back to see them in the afternoon. I did. They, too, jacked me around. I explained the clock was ticking. It was stunning! Finally PISSED OFF I asked to use the Sacred Heart phone and called the Eugene Planned Parenthood. THey said Sacred Heart does that ALL THE TIME and told me to just come to PP and they would give me the damned pill within the hour. I walked to PP and got the pill, no hassles, for free.

Later, I began complaining to the local papers, to Sacred Heart, to local officials that I was LITERALLY BARRED from getting my med needs met at SH!!! I finally was told that there was some untold policy at SH to not give that pill and to make it impossible to get for the women for ethical and moral/religious reasons. They had an elaborate name for this crap that I cannot remember...but it blew my mind. That was the first time I have ever had a medical doctor deny me proper health care when asked, much less BLOCK me from getting help I needed and wanted and asked for. It was outrageous and one of the reasons I could not wait to get the hell out of Eugene. THe health care system in Eugene is HORRIBLE. I get 100% BETTER health care in Seattle.

So, anyway, I just wanted to chime in that they are ALREADY trying to make women pregnant down there at Sacred Heart in Eugene, and I would have gotten pregnant if they had been my only medical option. By the way, contribute to Planned Parenthood today! They do what millions of dollars in the Eugene med system could not!