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Your Christian Government at work - right here in Portland! BPA's very own Christian...

We're so lucky and thrilled to be part of the Christian Values Resource Groups massive, daily celebration of Christian Heritage Month, oh yes! Please, let's make it every month...
Did you know Christianity is now a heritage?
Did you know Christianity is now a heritage?
oh yes, mighty fine, BPA. This image is the monthly calendar that we all must walk by each day on our way into the bulding. Next to that is another massive poster saying something like "let his light shine" with transmission lines in the background. I kid you not. Then, there was the big quilt/banner thing that hung at the entry way to the cafeteria around Easter Time. Or, shall we discuss the "book sale" which the CVRG sponsors 4-5 times a year which features a lot of helpful biblical literature. Don't even get me started with Christmas.

Well, tomorrow's event promises to enlighten: it's a guy doing a ventriloquist act on the topic of Creationism vs. Evolution: what's the difference. All are welcome to partake. Make sure you have ID if you want to enter the building. See you there!

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