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Fire the Bosses! A Call for a Mayday Black Bloc

Attention all individuals, affinity groups, organizations, and others interested:
The Black Bloc has become a regular sight at most large marches in Portland, but why? What follows is an explanation of why I dress in black and wear the mask, and a call out for others to do the same.
We are amidst a global crisis. A covert dictatorship has forced many into slave like conditions where they work like a plow horse until the day they drop and our sold for slaughter; never giving up on the dream of becoming a middle class consumer. The few that are consumers act like the family pet at they obediently follow the capitalists commands in order to continue their privileged lifestyle. Meanwhile, children are homeless, the ice caps are melting, millions go hungry, and bombs kill hundreds of thousands just to keep the power structure intact.

It's obvious that the privileged (those the capitalists would like defined as consumers) cannot exist without the underprivileged (those the capitalists would like defined as producers). If everyone was equally privileged the word would no longer have meaning, and the system that feeds off the structure would cease to be.

The underprivileged risk everything when they rebel and define themselves. Agents of the dictatorship are much more apt to reward them with draconian sentences -- such as deportation or even death by cop -- than those of us that are more privileged. Often, the privileged -- afraid of losing that privilege -- will judge this rebellious behavior with pleas like, "if you only sit and roll-over as commanded you to can gain some of our luxuries."

"Don't liberate me -- I'll take care of that."

Our privilege (be it skin color, gender, sexual orientation, legal status, the ability to read and write English, etc.) is not going to disappear regardless of how much righteous indignation we have. Still, with the knowledge that we are privileged, perhaps we can chew through our leashes, busy the bosses and their guns and give those in iron shackles a bit more space and time to free themselves.

So, grab those black masks and other various garb. In this dying world there is much still to be done, and so little time. The black bloc is one of many effective tactics to help turn things around. See you in the streets!

[For more info on Black Blocs please see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bloc ]
[For more info on Mayday please see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/mayday/ ]

i'll be there, comrade 18.Apr.2007 08:46

Alexander Berkman

Don't forget to bring medic supplies.

I'm Ready 18.Apr.2007 13:16

Bloc Party

Hope to see my comrades out there...
I'll be there!

how businesses are responding 30.Apr.2007 18:57


This got sent out to all the employees where I work, which is on the park blocs. Cause a ruckus, but be safe about it!

Be advised, Portland Police have notified us that the May Day demonstration(s) will commence tomorrow at approximately 4:00 pm in the South Park blocks. March will start in the park blocks in our area. Police expect some 150 "anarchists" to participate in this event, which will probably result in disruptive behaviour and/or arrests, as during the previous anti-war march when 15 arrests for disorderly conduct were made by Portland PD. Police advise that if people are at all concerned about this event, they should leave the downtown area earlier in the afternoon.

to be clear 30.Apr.2007 21:21


the only people that the workers and other marchers should be afraid of are the police. Anarchists have a long history of being on the side of labor and against bosses, capitalists, racists, and governments that are trying to destroy immigration and militarize the borders of the US. The police, on the other hand are a historically racist, classist and sexist institution that will create an enemy out of anyone (in this case anarchists) to create the illusion of control. Anyway, anarchists will be out there to voice our views and present the anti-capitalist history of mayday as it should be. Power to the Workers! Fire your Bosses!