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Karen Coulter-Loyd Marbett-Kent Ford-Dot Fishersmith-Sasha Coulter-Amy Harwood speak!

Intergenerational Panel on Direct Action
An effective movement to recreate our world must learn from the triumphs and failures of the past. Join veteran Portland activists in a panel to discuss the history of direct action in Portland. From the Black Panthers to Earth First!, come learn from past struggles to inform today's. Panelists will focus on direct action as a tactic and explore ways in which communities can directly organize and act to reshape their world. All welcome!
Hosted by the blueheron infoshop, the panel consists of Karen Coulter, Loyd Marbett, Kent Ford, Dot Fishersmith, Amy Harwood, and Sasha Coulter. It will begin at 6:00 pm on April 20th. The panel will be held at Reed College, in the Psychology building's auditorium (Psych 105) at. Maps and directions to the Psych building can be found at reed.edu.

Please clarify the time it starts 18.Apr.2007 19:29


The calendar says 7:00 pm and your article mentions 6:00 pm. I want to be there for the beginning please clarify.
These folks are effective activists with some interesting stories to tell. Don't miss this.

Will this be repeated again? 20.Apr.2007 01:25

freedomstudent7 katidani@gmail.com

I won't be able to attend this event, because it comes during work hours. Will this be repeated again? WOuld love to know about an alternative date and time if there is one.

recording? 22.Apr.2007 12:04



yes, so i missed the talk the other night :(

yet, am interested in hearing what they had to say

so, if any one recorded it or has access to put that up here or pass on how to connect, i would greatly appreciate it :)