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Voices of Resistance

A part of the women's takeover of radio and TV stations, and a leader in the fight for
indigenous women's rights in the prison system in Oaxaca, Concepcion will speak on the
dynamic role of women in the social movement in Oaxaca, with an emphasis on their use of
the media. Arte Insurgencia, an encore viewing of the Stencil art and Woodcuts from Oaxaca, Mexico.
Included in the showing will be some new Woodcuts recently sent from Oaxaca.
Voices of Resistance
Oaxacan Dr. Concepcion Nunez Miranda to Visit Portland

Concepci?n N??unez Miranda will be in Portland for two significant events on April 20, to speak on the dynamic role of women in the social movement in Oaxaca, with an emphasis on their use of the media. Concepcion speaks from extensive and passionate experience as a
teacher, APPO member and writer, who's interviews with Indigeous women prisoners have been incorporated into two films resulting in the release of some of those prisoners.

Dr. Nunez will speak at a midday fundraiser at Reed College at time, and at Liberty Hall in the evening. The event at Liberty Hall includes a Oaxacan feast and music presented by Oregonian-Oaxacans. Woodcuts by a Oaxacan artist collective will be on display. At 6:30 Concepcion will speak and then take questions.

Liberty Hall will be open Saturday between noon and 4 pm for a closering viewing of the woodcuts and stencils from Oaxaca. Films from Oaxaca will be shown throughout the afternoon

Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity and PCASC (Portland Central America Solidarity Committee) are co-sponsoring the events at Liberty Hall in support of the people of Oaxaca and their courageous effort to build a popular democratic government in conjunction with organizers
of Oaxaca Week at University of Oregon in Eugene. Support for Oaxaca from the U.S. is of particular importance in light of U.S. business and government intervention in Oaxaca against the interests of the people. For moreinformation and to become involved with Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity contact:  oregonoaxacasolidarityplanning@lists.riseup.net

When: Friday, April 20, 2007

Reed College: lunch at noon

Liberty Hall: 5:30 Oaxacan Music & Feast
6:30 Concepcion Nunez Miranda
311 N Ivy St.
Portland, OR

Saturday, April 21st, 2007
Liberty Hall: Noon to 4 pm Arte Insurgencia encore showing